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■ NUTRITIONAL OUTLOOK 54 JUNE 2018 M illennials may be putting of get- ting married, buying houses, and starting families, but according to AdWeek, there's one milestone they're not missing: adopting their f rst pets. Not only do around 75% of Americans in their 30s own a dog, but 44% of Millennials see their furry companions as "practice" for being a parent. And this is transforming the pet health ingre- dient market from one that's specialty to one that's increasingly mainstream. According to Packaged Facts' most recent "Pet Supplements in the U.S." report, pub- lished in April 2017, 38% of Millennials pur- chase pet health supplements, making them 41% more likely than average to do so. T anks to their enthusiasm, sales of pet supplements have seen increases ever since the Great Re- cession, at a compound annual growth rate of 3.5% through 2016. Dog owners make up the most active share of the market, buying three times as much product as cat owners. If you ask Nena Dockery, technical services manager at Stratum Nutrition (Carthage, MO), single-person families and empty-nest Baby Boomers—two groups who, like Millen- nials, see their pets as family—are also driving sales across the pet health market, and "pet food advertising has capitalized on this move- ment, focusing on nutrient-rich and more natural pet food ingredient formulations," she says. Additionally, the veterinary community has mirrored the physician community in that it's increasingly receptive to recommending supplements as part of a healthy-living plan. All of this has only further served to spread the word about natural solutions and supple- ments for pets. "Many consumers consider their animal companions to be family members, so are equally concerned about their pets' health and wellbeing," says Shaheen Majeed, world- wide president of Sabinsa (East Windsor, NJ), which of ers a number of ingredients for pet products under the brand name VetVitals. As a result, he explains, consumers extend their own self-care practices—which increasingly includes supplements—to their pets. As interest in the pet health supplement market grows, so too do opportunities for brands. "As companion animals live longer lives, their health needs will continue to expand," says Dockery. "T is will provide both challenges and opportunities for those companies who commit to providing safe and ef ective foods and supplements for pet owners who desire to support the health RAISING THE BAR Clean and well-researched ingredients fi nd favor with picky pet parents. BY MELISSA KVIDAHL TYLER OLSON/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Pet Health in Pet Health

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