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Energy ■ NUTRITIONAL OUTLOOK 52 JUNE 2018 Outlook via spokesperson Tana Siebold, Orca Communications Unlimited. According to Wonder Fuel, the concept of combining caf eine and MCTs originated in Nepal, where tea was served with MCT-con- taining yak butter to lend the person drink- ing it additional energy and stamina in the high altitudes of the Himalayas. Guayusa Applied Food Sciences (Austin, TX), an ingredient supplier, is capitalizing on the clean-caf eine movement via its Amatea guayusa extract, which it markets as an energy-conferring ingredient. Guayusa, a caf einated leaf of the holly species Ilex guayusa that grows in the Amazonian re- gions of Ecuador and Peru, is described by Applied Food Sciences as "one of the most exciting new ingredients in energy." Guayusa's polyphenol makeup, the suppli- er explains, includes the antioxidants found in green cof ee beans, including chlorogenic acids, plus the catechins found in green tea. T e company's own research has found that its Amatea guayusa extract "was able to reg- ulate the release of epinephrine, a key part of the f ght-or-f ight adrenal response, upon caf eine ingestion," says Applied Food Scienc- es' creative director Brian Zapp, resulting in a less-jittery, smoother caf eine buzz for the consumer. In addition to its "clean caf eine" and an- tioxidant components, guayusa has "a very pleasant taste prof le" and "a refreshing sweetness," Zapp says, thanks to its relative- ly low level of tannins and, therefore, lack of astringency. T e ingredient lends itself to functional-beverage and sports-nutrition ap- plications, he adds. Likewise, Lisa Kim, director of digital mar- keting for beverage company Runa, reports that her brand's "clean energy drinks" pro- vide 150 mg of natural caf eine from brewed guayusa leaf, which is more than is of ered by yerba mate, but without any of that same bit- terness or astringency mentioned by Applied Food Sciences' Zapp. Consequently, Kim explains, no artif cial ingredients or sweeteners need to be add- ed to Runa's energy beverages to mask bit- terness. "T e guayusa leaves are grown and harvested by Ecuadorian farmers who own the land," she says. "Runa pays a fair-trade price for the leaves, which are brewed like tea into a concentrate. T en we add natural and organic f avors and carbonated water. Some f avors also include organic cane sugar." She adds that formulating other energy drinks based on other caf eine sources is "more complicated." Botanicals and More As evidenced by some of the ingredients highlighted above, the appeal of a variety of botanicals credited with boosting energy in the consumer and perceived as "natural" remains strong. Director of R&D for Dra- co Natural Products (San Jose, CA), Brien Quirk, conf rms that his clients' demand for energy-conferring botanicals for food, beverage, and supplement applications is high. "We have numerous project requests all the time both in the United States and in- ternationally," he says, citing Asia as a par- ticularly big market. "T e growth has been amazing, and it continues to be the most sought-after application we get requests for." Green tea with caf eine is one botanical in- gredient in which he sees "strong customer interest" for energy-conferring products, as well as astragalus, rhodiola, reishi, schisan- dra, ginseng, eleuthero, and goji berry. "Most of these are the main energy-tonic herbs described in traditional Chinese medicine as being 'qi' or 'chi' tonics, a term which designates them as supporting vital energy," Quirk says. T e company blends its energy-confer- ring botanicals in various combinations it calls "Action Synergized Formulas," which, Quirk claims, "have overall better ef cacy than standalone herbs." One such formula- tion contains naturally occurring nitrates from beets and celery, along with nitric Demand for energy-conferring botanicals for food, beverage, and supplement applications is high. FUNCTIONAL INGREDIENTS For FORTIFICATION Minerals: Magnesium Chloride Potassium Chloride Tricalcium Phosphate Dicalcium Phosphate Anhydrous Water-Soluble Vitamins: A, D2, D3, E, K1 & K2 Made with proprietary SOL-U-BLE ™ technology Omega 3 Oils Carotenoids Phytosterols Rutin, Naringin & Quercetin Contact us today for samples or information 908.688.9009

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