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■ NUTRITIONAL OUTLOOK 50 JUNE 2018 Energy harsh chemicals found in many energy drinks on the market." T e company's new Organic Clean Energy Beverages contain 90 mg of this "natural" caf eine per serving, she says. Cof ee Fruit FutureCeuticals (Momence, IL), supplier of Cof eeberry Energy extract, gleans its "clean caf eine" from the whole cof ee fruit (or cof ee "cherry"), the company's Corporate Communications and PR Manager Vicki Gawlinski shares. "T e cof ee beans are on the inside of the whole cof ee fruit," she explains. "T e outside of the fruit is referred to as 'cascara,' which in Spanish means the skin or husk of the cof ee fruit. In conventional cof ee production, the green cof ee bean is removed and is roasted for cof ee, while the cascara is typically discarded. Cof eeberry Energy, on the other hand," Gaw- linski continues, "is our proprietary combina- tion of organic caf eine and unique polyphe- nols from the whole cof ee cherry—cascara plus bean." T e extract delivers 70% standard- ized levels of caf eine, she adds, plus the ben- ef t of chlorogenic acids found in the cascara, and is applicable to energy drinks, cof ees, teas, protein drinks, dairy and dairy-alternative bev- erages, and waters. Organic Roasted Cof ee Beans Plus MCTs Wonder Fuel cof ee-f avor energy drink like- wise features a potentially better-for-you caf eine ingredient, in this case from organic roasted cof ee beans. In its cof ee-f avored ver- sion, Wonder Fuel combines 90 mg of caf eine from organic cof ee with 7 g of organic coconut medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). "T e way MCTs are metabolized—providing long-last- ing cellular energy—makes the caf eine ef ect become smoother, longer lasting, and without the typical crash," the company told Nutritional PHOTO FROM APPLIED FOOD SCIENCES Guayusa (Ilex guayusa) Whey Protein in its Pure Form Nutri Whey Native TM Consumers today want healthy and natural protein products. Nutri Whey Native ™ is whey protein in its pure form, extracted directly from milk. Expand your product portfolio with our ingredient solutions that support you in your clean label journey. Visit us at the IFT Chicago, Booth #S4757

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