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Nutritional Outlook, June 2018

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Scientific research confirms that 2.5 billion years of evolution have left us with thousands of species of marine plants which are bioactively complex, nutritionally dense and highly beneficial and versatile for use within the nutraceutical, wellness, cosmetics and food & beverage industries. Acadian Seaplants was founded in 1981 and is the largest independent marine plant processing company in North America and a global leader in aquatic plant products for humans, animals and agriculture. SeaPlus ™ Wellness Ingredients meet or surpass rigorous international production quality and sustainability standards and certifications. Acadian Seaplants offers a variety of wild and cultivated marine plants in a broad range of mesh sizes that can be added to nutraceutical, food and beverage product formulations. The range of offerings is branded as SeaPlus ™ Wellness Ingredients, providing formulators an identifiable high quality mark and traceability assurance for their consumers. Acadian has 3 newly approved National Health Product registrations for antioxidants - SeaPlus ™ Asco; SeaPlus ™ Fucus and SeaPlus ™ Laminaria - available in capsule format. As a vertically-integrated harvester and producer, Acadian Seaplants offers full traceability as well as a wide range of organic and food safety certifications. Marine Plants have an ocean of benefits and possibilities for your supplements, foods & beverages and cosmetics.

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