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■ NUTRITIONAL OUTLOOK 24 JUNE 2018 C ollagen has already taken the food and drinks market by storm in Asia. In Japan, consumers have been par- taking in collagen-enriched dishes for the better part of a decade. It's not unusual to see collagen jams, collagen noodles, and collagen candies on Tokyo store shelves, while a grow- ing industry of "beauty restaurants" serve Japanese citizens with collagen-enriched meals. In Singapore, the MeiRenGuo ("Beauty Pot") is a popular dish among young women. One restaurant, Beauty in the Pot, serves hot soups that incorporate a collagen-enriched, shark cartilage–derived soup base. But it's not just Asian countries seeing unique new colla- gen supplements and foods entering the mar- ket. Nowadays, innovative collagen candies, collagen combination kits, collagen-infused salmon broth, and even collagen-enriched gin are making their way to North American shelves. New kinds of collagen products continue to drive category growth, both in the United States and abroad. Grand View Research es- timates that the food and beverage segment of the collagen market will be the primary reason for collagen's overall global industry growth through to 2025, with a 7% projected revenue increase. 1 T is broadening market opens up all kinds of opportunities for unique new prod- uct formats and formulations. Here are some of the creative ways collagen market- ers are branching out. Sports Supplements Target Older Athletes While collagen's primary application has his- torically been as a beauty and skin health aid, research is now showing that it has value as a sports supplement, especially for aging ath- letes and active seniors. Lauren Clardy, CEO of NutriMarketing Group (Santa Rosa, CA), says that collagen products are well suited to the sports niche, and new discoveries are making collagen supplements more valuable for active seniors. "Our bodies are over 90% collagen," Clardy says, "so supplementing our diet with collagen can have a signif cant impact on joint, bone, and skin health. As clinical research continues to investigate collagen and its role in blood vessels and wound re- covery, I think we'll see more collagen con- tinue to grow for more condition-specif c sports applications." Clardy anticipates that the sports nutri- tion market will soon see the popularization of collagen-enriched protein supplements. Collagen protein powders for athletes are already on the market, with sports supple- ment brands like Bulletproof and ProteinCo selling collagen-enriched sports powders in the United States and Canada. Heather Arment, marketing coordinator, North America, Gelita (Sergeant Bluf , IA), supplier of a range of collagen ingredients, says that the growing demand for collagen in sports nutrition is driving new research and market diversif cation around specif c colla- gen peptides. "Collagen supplementation is not a one-size-f ts-all solution," Arment says. "Dif erent collagen peptides of er benef ts that are optimized for dif erent areas of the body." RTDs and Shots Gain Ground While the American functional foods market lags behind those of other countries, func- tional drinks are an ideal vehicle for ingredi- ents like collagen. Says Clardy: "We haven't Collagen Creations As demand for everything collagen grows, collagen marketers continue to experiment with new delivery formats and product concepts. BY MIKE STRAUS Collagen Trends FABRIKASIMF/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Will collagen marshmallows become as trendy in the United States as they are in Japan?

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