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■ NUTRITIONAL OUTLOOK 18 JUNE 2018 Collagen sales are skyrocketing, with foods and beverages expanding the ingredient's fan base. BY KIMBERLY J. DECKER Beauty FOR COLLAGEN CRAZY BODNAR TARAS/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM F rom the looks of things, the health and wellness industry is having no trouble convincing Americans to take their collagen. Sales of supple- ments touting the structural protein as a primary functional ingredient were up an astounding 33.8% in the U.S., hitting $46.6 million, in the 52 weeks ending February 25, 2018, per research from SPINS LLC (Chicago). So it makes sense that Google Trends tracked an all-time high in consum- er awareness of and interest in colla- gen this year. And it makes sense, as well, that the ingredient was the talk of recent trade shows, with booths at March's Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA, overf owing with colla- gen powders, teas, bars, and even baked goods. And that underscores yet another de- velopment that could elevate collagen even further: that while dietary supple- ments and topical beauty products have traditionally been the protein's home, foods and drinks are emerging as novel platforms for launching collagen to an even wider audience. T is indicates that many product developers feel like Annie Vo, R&D spe- cialist, Vinh Wellness (Tustin, CA), does: that "collagen is on the verge of going mainstream as a bona f de food and beverage ingredient. It may currently be present in a small number of product categories, but its proven health bene- f ts and ease of formulation will propel it into the spotlight." Branching Out Until now, when American consumers thought of collagen—if they thought of it at all—it was usually in the context of cosmeceuticals, nutricosmetics, and beauty. But lately, says Lauren Clardy, president, NutriMarketing Group (San- ta Rosa, CA), "Collagen has moved well beyond the beauty-from-within category and now has traction in the joint, bone and muscle support, sports, and digestive health markets. Brands

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