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■ NUTRITIONAL OUTLOOK MARKETING JUNE 2018 Plant-Based Rose Water for "multifunc- tional hydration," purif cation of toxins, and improvements to skin texture. Mean- while, Bonaf de Prairie's Glow Drinkable Veggies + Bone Broth includes collagen, protein, and nutrients from whole organ- ic vegetables, while Lakewood Organic's Cold-Pressed Super Veggie Juice claims to keep eyes and skin healthy, as well as pro- mote normal cell growth. In the hot-beverages category, herbal and fruit teas are leveraging their natural image and traditional health associations. Recent launches include the mainstream Tetley brand with its Tetley Glow Pineap- ple & Citrus Herbal Infusion containing vi- tamin B7 for glowing skin, as well as Bige- low Tea's Bigelow Benef ts Radiate Beauty Blueberry & Aloe tea, which also features rosehips, acerola, and elderberries. Room for Growth Outside of Asia, the beauty food and drinks market is still in its infancy, but is increasingly being driven by the grow- ing number of customers, primarily women, who want to maintain or achieve a youthful and beautiful outward appearance. T e "beauty from within" concept is now more widely recognized and, along with interest in antiaging products in general, is driving demand among all age groups. Viatal's Better Beauty supplement uses biotin, selenium, and select vitamins, minerals, and herbs to boost skin elasticity and hair health. Better Beauty is expected to launch this fall. PHOTO FROM VITATAL CORP. PHOTO FROM BOTANIC WATER PHOTO FROM BOTANIC WATER Botanic Water's Rose Water answers consumer demand for plant-based functional beverages. This rose water drink is said to help keep skin hydrated as well as purify toxins in the skin. Innova Market Insights is your source for new-product data. T e Innova Database ( is the product of choice for the whole product-development team, of ering excellent product pictures, search possibilities, and analysis. See what food manufacturers are doing around the world: track trends, competitors, ingredients, and f avors. In today's fast-moving environment, this is a resource you cannot af ord to be without.

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