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Special Advertising Section TEST FACILITY PROFILES 40 J u n e 2 0 1 8 Process Flow Testing Facility Metalfab Material Handling Systems, LLC is a manufacturer of dry bulk solids material handling equipment. The company maintains a test facility for process flow testing of customer supplied bulk material through full-sized equipment. Customers can collaborate with Metalfab engineers and technicians while observing system performance prior to design and fabrication or to conduct Factory Acceptance Testing on completed orders prior to delivery. Test lab equip- ment includes the Metalfab Posibin with integral bin activator, volumetric or gravimetric feeders, bulk bag unloader, and other ancillary equipment. Material samples can be submitted for classification during product/system design to identify equipment handling requirements. Metalfab Material Handling Systems, LLC www.metalfabmhs.com Extensive Screening Process Testing Midwestern Industries manufacturers screening equip- ment, replacement screens and parts. Easily integrate their equipment into an existing process and gain the reliability and value that you deserve. Be sure to take advantage of their free test facility. Midwestern believes this is the best tool for their customers to make informed decisions about their screening process. Sending in material can save you time and money by purchasing the right equipment the first time. Midwestern has provided quality products and services to the screening industry since 1953. They pro- vide outstanding customer service, on-time deliveries, custom built screen- ing equipment, and replacement screens and parts for most makes and models of screeners. Midwestern Industries www.midwesternind.com State-of-the-Art Mixing Test Lab The MIXSYS testing facility is a state-of-the-art mixing test lab that provides the capability to receive product test materials and provide "real" test results based on custom- ers' requirements and goals needed to optimize the mixing and process system. The MIXSYS test facility is comprised of 2,000 ft2 space that includes: material discharge mez- zanine with a scalping screen, 3D high efficiency Mixplow Ploughshare mixer with Bombay discharge in Mixsweep pneumatic mixer cleanout chamber, Pilot lab mixer with chopper, temperature probe, liquid injection system, includ- ing controls, interchangeable mixing tools and complete bench-top testing ingredient/product analysis. MIXSYS is Adaptive Mixing Technology. MIXSYS www.mixer4u.com Pelletron's Test Facilities Pelletron maintains a Bulkmatology test lab to perform pneumatic conveying trials as well as product clean- ing tests with the DeDuster. The pneumatic conveying test loop is designed for dilute, Strandphase, and slow motion dense phase conveying. Tests to determine the characteristics of each conveying technology can be carried out. The test lab offers the possibility to run comparison tests for standard pipe elbows and Pellbows. Degradation tests, including wash out of piping determine the ex- act increase of dust generated through pneumatic conveying. Pelletron pro- vides various sizes of DeDusters for DeDusting tests. For measuring the dust content, Pelletron uses the FineAlyzer for wet test analysis. Pelletron www.pelletroncorp.com Powder Processing Test Lab The PPS Test Lab has been upgraded to simulate your product run requirements for whey protein concen- trate, infant nutrition formula, dairy powders, and any food powder where sanitation is of utmost importance. The recently installed product receiver on load cells can be used for batch and continuous product runs through either 3" or 4" lines. Vacuum or pressure / dense or dilute phase systems can all be repro- duced while integrating the necessary components for a successful powder processing system. Powder Process-Solutions www.powder-solutions.com Materials Testing Lab Guarantees Results Rotex offers free material testing along with guaran- teed results at their renovated laboratory facility. The fully-equipped materials testing lab includes two APEX screeners; an APEX Cleanable, which is used for cus- tomer witnessed testing and displaying the benefits of the Cleanable APEX line and an APEX Aspiration unit. The lab also contains a Tyler Ro-Tap and a Coperion K-tron belt feeder that can be used across all machines to allow precise pour times leading to accurate results. These addi- tions join the existing Rotex General Purpose unit and their full-scale Minerals Separator/MEGATEX XD unit to provide a range of high-tech equipment that is both capable and reliable for the high demand of test requests. Rotex Global, LLC www.rotex.com Increase Precision Bulk Handling and Processing With over 10,000 products tested globally, Spiroflow conducts feasibility trials and equally important, offers advice on the comparative advantages of dif- ferent conveying methods relative to the customer's application. Spiroflow's test facilities, located in the US and UK, are fully equipped with flexible screw, aero mechanical and tubular drag conveyors, as well as bulk bag fillers and bulk bag un-loaders. They can advise without bias on the right type of solution for your particular product, application and layout restraints. Wherever possible, they simulate your site conditions in terms of conveyor length, flow rate and angle of lift. If unable to attend in person, customers can access the feasibility trials via a video web link. Spiroflow www.spiroflow.com Separation and Grinding Solutions SWECO's state of the art test facility in Florence, KY pro- vides a variety of industrial separation and grinding equip- ment to meet every customer's unique application. Vibro- Energy round separators offer screen meshes ranging from 1" opening down to 635 mesh. Their gyratory sifter screens medium to coarse separations at high rates. The 3x10 GyraMax test machine allows customers to see what is expected in a process without having to worry about scale up. SWECO's test lab offers a wide range of equipment and analytical tools to determine the best machine to fit your application. As always customer- witnessed tests are welcomed and encouraged. SWECO www.sweco.com Powders and Small Particle Conveying Testing Volkmann's test facility located in Bristol, PA offers complimentary application-related tests for system so- lutions. This laboratory incorporates the company's VS and PPC Series of vacuum conveyors, as well as a va- riety of feed hoppers along with the company's rip and tip (RNT) bag dump station, bulk bag unloader, lumpbreaker and Conweigh weighing and dosing system. The equipment can be used to simulate han- dling and conveying conditions for powders, granules, particles, tablets and capsules in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and coatings industries. A PPCVS 170 unit, built specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, with a one-piece, gap free design and polished stainless steel surface, is also avail- able to test product. Volkmann www.volkmann.com Mixing Process Solutions Currently there are no reliable systems available to simulate the behavior of different ingredients in a mixing process. Further, there are new prod- ucts and treatments added to the marketplace in a very fast pace. For these reasons it is popular for a mixer manufacturer to operate a testing laboratory to answer many questions: How accurate will the mixture be with a specific composition of different ingredients? How long is one mixing cycle? Will the mixer treat the product as desired in terms of breakage, dissolving, reaction and heat trans- fer? The mixing test will also deliver data for a proper drive unit sizing and produces samples to compare with results coming from scaled up produc- tion size mixers. WAM, Inc. www.waminc.com

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