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Special Advertising Section TEST FACILITY PROFILES 38 J u n e 2 0 1 8 Bag Filling Test Facility Product tests are regularly conducted in Chantland MHS' test facility to determine the performance of customer specific materials through various bag filling and pallet- izing machines. Tests using appropriate gross and net weigh filling machines utilizing gravity, air, auger, impel- ler or vibratory feeders are conducted by experienced Chantland technicians who provide an analysis of product flow, filling speeds, accuracies and other weighing characteristics which may be unique to the product or process. On a larger scale of testing, Chantland's automated packaging and palletizing systems are fully assembled, hard wired and tested using customer's prod- uct proving complete system performance prior to shipment. Chantland-MHS www.chantland.com Full Pneumatic Conveying Testing Dynamic Air's comprehensive, state-of-the-art test facility is available to perform full pneumatic conveying testing as well as mixing, cooling, drying, coating, blending, lump breaking, bin discharging and vibratory conveying and feeding. Dynamic Air offers sixteen conveying concepts including dense phase and dilute phase vacuum and pres- sure pneumatic conveying. All dry material characteristics are analyzed to determining their exact handling and prod- uct performance values. Most tests are fully instrumented and computerized, using the latest in testing software. A full evaluation can be provided. Dynamic Air Inc. www.dynamicair.com State-of-the-Art Solutions Eriez' Central Test Lab (CTL) is a state-of-the-art test- ing facility in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA. With more than 15,000 square feet of dedicated laboratory space and an array of separation, metal detection and material handling equipment, Eriez has the tools to test and provide state-of-the-art solutions for nearly any application. The CTL has a highly qualified staff which includes engineers with advanced degrees and years of field experience that is unmatched in the industry. Eriez excels at improving performance by conducting thorough evaluations and finding so- lutions for problems. Eriez www.eriez.com Specialized Bulk Solids Test Laboratories Flexicon offers free lab testing on full size bulk han- dling equipment using customer-supplied materials in conveyor-specific test laboratories. The test laboratory for Pneumati-Con pneumatic conveying systems in- cludes a comprehensive range of components and con- veyor lines in a range of diameters and lengths. Separate test laboratories for Flexicon flexible screw conveyors and Flexi-Disc tubular cable conveyors each offer a comprehensive range of tubing diameters, lengths and con- figurations. All conveying systems are readily integrated with a full range of upstream and downstream bulk handling equipment from Flexicon including bulk bag conditioners, bulk bag dischargers, bulk bag fillers, drum fillers, manual dumping stations, drum/box/container dumpers and weigh batching/ blending systems, as well as equipment of others. Flexicon Corporation www.flexicon.com Unparalleled Material Testing Experience FLSmidth's state-of-the-art, world-class test facility is dedicated to providing industry-leading support for pneumatic conveying and blending applications. The comprehensive in-house capabilities, unmatched variety of equipment, and the breadth of experience differentiate FLSmidth in the industry and directly contribute to the success of our custom- ers' installations worldwide. Decades of extensive cataloging of physical and chemical evaluations and critical design data supplies an unparalleled knowl- edge base for future system designs. Available equipment testing includes: pneumatic conveying (dilute, medium and dense phases, with or without boosters), Airslide gravity conveying, Airmerge blending, column blending. Various line chargers, line lengths and types are available to configure the sys- tem to fit your application. FLSmidth Inc. www.flsmidth.com Test and Development Center The Ross test and development center offers demonstration and testing services to help customers identify the most suitable equipment for their particular mixing application, generate data for scale-up, or solve a processing problem. The best-equipped laboratory in the specialty mixing business, the facility houses more than 30 mixing, blending, and dispersion equipment of various sizes including high shear mixers, ultra-high shear mixers, powder injection systems, high speed dispersers, multi-shaft mixers, and more. Ross, Charles & Son Company www.mixers.com Test Facility Aids in Product Development CMS's own test facility plays an important role in the de- sign of its process equipment. This testing laboratory is equipped to help each client at the initial stages of product development. Utilized in the food, chemical, pharmaceuti- cal, and mineral industries, this state of the art laboratory test facility is uniquely equipped to run small or large batches of product. CMS engineers have expert knowledge in all facets of fine grinding and routinely play an important consulting role in designing the best system set up to pro- cess materials more efficiently. Classifier Milling Systems Corp. www.cms-can.com Screening Solutions Test Lab The BM&M Test Lab is located at BM&M's manu- facturing headquarters in Surrey, BC, Canada. It is an important part of customizing screening solu- tions for our customers. BM&M's Test Lab is an integral part in determining the correct type and size of high capacity, high efficiency screen re- quired for specific screening results. The Test Lab contains a completely adjustable, full-size three-deck screen. It has a control- lable feeder for accurate, variable metering of product. Other equipment in- cludes electronic scales and standardized lab particle size analyzers. Testing is available to BM&M customers at no cost, for the life of their machines. When testing is complete, customers receive performance guarantees for their personalized screening solution. BM&M Screening Solutions Ltd. www.bmandm.com Test Lab Vibrating Spiral Elevator Carman Industries' new test laboratory Vibrating Spiral Elevator includes variable pitch flighting plus the capability to adjust stroke, frequency and attack angle. Conveying charac- teristics of any product can be easily demonstrated and the most economical design developed. Results are guaranteed. In addition to determining conveying characteristics, this test spiral also features heating and cooling capability, direct or indirect, using air or jacketed flights. Evaluation of unique con- cerns such as sticking and product degradation is also possible. Carman's Vibrating Spiral Elevator, normally used to accomplish a process while el- evating, minimizes floor space without sacrificing retention time. Standard features include easily cleanable flights, water or steam coil jacketing, enclo- sures for dust and atmosphere control, waterproof or explosion-proof mo- tors, integral center-tube isolation system and portable construction. Carman Industries, Inc. www.carmanindustries.com Custom-Tailored Testing One of the ways Marion Process Solutions creates an advantage for its customers is through the utilization of its dedicated 7,200 sq ft test facility. The newly remodeled facility features a wide vari- ety of equipment for individualized testing and product demonstrations. Consisting of two separate spaces, a bulk material and drying systems lab and the sanitary applications lab, customers will experience a custom-tai- lored test plan allowing them to see the Marion quality. Marion Process Solutions www.marionsolutions.com

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