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Powder & Bulk Solids, June 2018

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37 J u n e 2 0 1 7 Special Advertising Section I n s t r u m e n t a t i o n S h o w c a s e 37 www. .com Visit Our Website for Breaking News Updated throughout the Day The Value of Control Systems Upgrades Spiroflow Automation works with end users looking to upgrade obsolete hardware, perform retrofits or new installations that need to be synchronized with another system. There is difficulty in integrating the two. The older system may require an upgrade for compatibility with the new system. Spiroflow performs this type of work for their customers. Spiroflow Automation's team performs PLC-5 and SLC conversions along with other manu- facturers' obsolete equipment to newer technologies from other platforms. Spiroflow Automation provides software development and is capable of building new panels or retrofitting the existing panels with the new hard- ware. This includes the design, build, software development, and acceptance testing. End users reach out to them for control system upgrades because they have difficulty sourcing replacement parts or they find that they can't implement desired upgrades themselves. Spiroflow Automation www.spiroflow.com Intelligent Compact Control for Vacuum Conveyors Volkmann's ET-Advanced electro-pneumatic compact control provides users of its VS and PPC series vacuum conveyors with a modern and intelligent control system for smooth operation. The controls monitor up to four incoming signals from level sensors and one local start signal. Times can be adjusted for discharging, allowing a vacuum pump start delay; suction; pipe emptying; a delay of the filter cleaning pulse; and for the discharging valve, adjustable with NO/NC. These ET-Advanced controls are suitable for three operating modes: automation suction cycle, monitoring of the receiving and monitoring of the collection point. Volkmann www.VolkmannUSA.com Automated Bulk Bag Unloader NBE's bulk bag unloader system, handling highly caustic, severely agglomerated material, operates as a closed process; ensuring operator protection from migrant, airborne material, eliminating the possibility for contamination of material in-pro- cess. Highly compressible material requires integrated bulk bag conditioning to provide sufficient material supply. A sequential, 4-stage process, including: hydraulic de-blocking rams with 28,000 pounds of force; hydraulic massage paddles with 2,200 pounds of paddle pressure; an E3 enclosed, bag spout interface collects dust and aids discharge; automatic bulk bag loop retractors ensures complete mate- rial discharge, work together to condition the material from football-sized chunks to ¼-inch, or smaller particles. NBE integrated automation centralizes system control, communication, monitoring, and reporting using dust-tight enclosures, and a single, NBE built UL listed HMI. National Bulk Equipment, Inc. www.nbe-inc.com Atmospheric Pressure Feed V a l v e R o t a t i o n Roto - Disc, Inc. 514 Enterprise Drive, Unit A , Erlanger, Kentuck y 41017, USA ph +1 513-871-2600, fax +1 513-871-9013 • info@rotodisc.com • w w w.rotodisc.com Blades Wear! Pressurized System Roto-Disc Cycle Controller (RDCC)™ can automate the assembly for gravimetric and/or volumetric feeding. V Roto-Disc® Double-Dump valves Roto-Disc Airlock / Double-Dump valves are the solution to process dry or slurry material into or out of pressure or vacuum. The dome and seat form a positive seal that eliminates leakage across the seat. Leaky rotary vane valves have a gap between the blade ends and the housing that allow leakage. The constant scraping of material between the blade and housing causes even hardened surfaces to wear-out. Don't Put Up With Leaky Rotary Airlocks! Explosion Prevention Pneumatic Conveying Dust Collection & Air Pollution Control Mechanical Conveying Combustible Dust On Demand at: www.powderbulksolids.com/OnlineEvents

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