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Powder & Bulk Solids, June 2018

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• Mixing & Blending Adaptive Mixing Technology MIXSYS provides solutions for 'adaptive mixing technology' suitable for all prod- ucts across all industries. The Ploughshare 3D mixer consists of a horizontal cylindri- cal container with multiple plow-shaped shovels mounted on the main shaft. With 15-85% filling of the mixer volume, there can be multiple batch sizes and an in- creased flexibility while only needing one machine. The Extractashaft enhanced mixer cleaning system offers quick, direct access to clean the inside of the mixer chamber and the mixer shaft for quick changeover and verifiable results for complete product and operator protection. Mixers are available in capacities ranging from lab scale to in excess of 300 cu ft. MIXSYS, Plainfield, IL 815-880-8669 www.mixer4u.com Inline Solid-Liquid Mixer The CMX 2000 inline mixer incorporates powders into liquids and mixes these materials reliably and consistently in a batch process. Its multi-level design and pumping stage enables processing of high-viscosity products without any additional aggregates. This enables extreme suction rates and minimal production times to be achieved. The CMX system is usually supplied with a solid ma- terial dosing feeder and mixing containers. Depending on the application and the require- ments of the customer, the solid material can be fed via a bulk bag unloader, a funnel, sack-emptying boxes, or directly from the bag via a suction lance. The CMX offers a simple, functional, and cost-efficient method of incorporating solids into liquids, without the need for additional powder dosing systems or pumps. IKA Works Inc., Wilmington, NC 910-452-7059 www.ikausa.com/products/cmx/ Conical Screw Blender This conical screw blender is used for mixing and blending powders, pastes, and slurries. Jaygo recently shipped a 250-l conical screw mixer for the food indus- try to make a product in a different and unique way. The conical screw mixers are used in the following industries: food, chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceu- ticals, cosmetics, and plastics. Conical screw processors can be supplied in car- bon steel, stainless steel, and other exotic alloys. The conical nauta-style blender has a tapered screw as standard construc- tion. The tapered screw is more efficient than the straight screw. This design re- duces the total overall height, decreases the blending time, and improves the effi- ciency of the mixer. Jaygo also offers ret- rofit drive unit to replace older designs. Jaygo Inc., Randolph, NJ 862-437-9127 www.jaygoinc.com Blender with Drum Loader The Gemcomatic is a drum loading and unloading feature available on GEMCO blenders. It can load a drum in less than a minute and fill a drum in sec- onds, without dusting or spilling. With the Gemcomatic, there is no need for material handling equipment, platforms, feeders, conveyors, or a two-story pro- duction facility. The mixer does all the lifting and dumping of the drum automatically through a state-of-the-art HMI. For discharge, the heavy-duty valve fills the drum volumetrically, without overfilling. The system is pneumatic so it is clean and easy to maintain. The lift tray is designed to ac- cept drums up to 55 gal with weights to 1500 lb. GEMCO, Middlesex, NJ 800-654-3626 www.okgemco.com Powder & Bulk Solids 18 Editor'sSpotlight J u n e 2 0 1 8 Product Protection & Production Sifters Since 1858 www.gwmfg.com 800-682-3121 Precision sifters custom designed to fit your needs • Gentle, gyratory motion • Exceptional sanitation • Easy access for inspection and maintenance • Vibration free design Contact us for more information! Q u a l i t y & I n n o v a t i o n S i n c e 1 9 1 1 www.pauloabbe.com 855-787-6728 sales@pauloabbe.com Call the Experts for all your solids processing Applications : $3,VÂ$J&KHPLFDOV %LRORJLFVÂ&DWDO\VWV &HUDPLFVÂ&KHPLFDOV )RRG,QJUHGLHQWV +HUELFLGHVÂ0LQHUDOV 1XWUDFHXWLFDOVÂ3HVWLFLGHV 3KDUPDFHXWLFDOVÂ3LJPHQWV 3RO\PHUVÂ3RZGHUHG0HWDOV 3URWHLQVÂ5HVLQVÂ9LWDPLQV Solids Mixing 5LEERQ &RQH%OHQGHUV )OXLGL]LQJ0L[HUV 6LJPD%ODGH0L[HUV (also for high-viscosity mixing) Size Reduction :HW 'U\6L]H5HGXFWLRQ 6WHHO &HUDPLF/LQHG0LOOV -DUV -DU5ROOLQJ0LOOV Vacuum Drying 'U\HUV &RPSOHWH6\VWHPV

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