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■ NUTRITIONAL OUTLOOK 32 Sweeteners MAY 2018 leaf extract" and "steviol glycosides" ( from EverSweet), she said. "We have research that shows that when you combine stevia leaf extract with steviol glycosides on a label, there's an overall im- provement in purchase intent and the over- all halo of healthfulness," she added. Other Cargill sweetening ingredients, such as chic- ory root f ber, can also pair with stevia. GLG/ADM point out that their high–Reb M ingredient "blends well with other sweet- eners, such as monk fruit and sugar alcohols, to create balanced sweetness." As for PureCircle, Son says, "T rough all of our research at the application level, we've found that a combination approach— blends of glycosides—is often what is most successful." She continues: "We have learned there is tremendous advantages to using the entire- ty of the stevia leaf in formulations. When blends of the individual stevia ingredients come together, they produce certain taste synergies, which can result in improved taste performance and negate the need for mask- ing agents." Blends are also likely necessary, frankly, while suppliers work on optimizing Reb M and Reb D's production and cost in use. Son says, "As we scale, these ingredients are going to become more readily available for use by companies operating globally or on a smaller scale." In the meantime, she emphasizes, "We believe it is important to look at how com- binations of various steviol glycosides can provide synergies and the most sugar-like taste within various applications. Often, it is blends of stevia ingredients which yield superior taste performance compared to single-ingredient solutions." And, lest we forget: applications exper- tise is also key. A supplier's ability to pair the right type of glycoside and sweetener blend with the right type of product applica- tion in order to maximize ef cacy as a sugar replacer is invaluable. Stevia suppliers with expertise of ering specif c sweetening solu- tions tailored to specif c types of products, whether it be dairy products, beverages, or others, will f nd themselves a step ahead of the competition. From Minor to Major Within the stevia leaf is a world of sweeten- ing possibilities waiting to be discovered. As stevia suppliers tap into the leaf 's next gener- ation of steviol glycosides, they will continue teasing out better-tasting glycosides and f g- uring out ways to produce these glycosides at commercial scale. In short, one day, these minor glycosides could be major. Son describes PureCircle's dreams for the future stevia market, and it sounds like the dreams of many a stevia supplier. "Our vi- sion has always been to create a global mass market for a natural-origin sweetener, and to make it af ordable for global brands. T e key to doing this is to increase the global supply of the very best-tasting stevia ingredients." If suppliers can f gure out how to scale up supply of these glycosides in a way that's suc- cessful in the market, there's no telling how far stevia can go. At Batory Nutra we offer a powerful mix of the highest quality protein products and industry knowledge to make your formulation a success. Whether you're looking for a single protein ingredient or a full complement of plant or animal based proteins, you've come to the right place. For more information, or to order a sample today, visit or call 800.451.9067 Animal Based • Plant Based • Dairy Based • Egg Based PROTEIN POWERHOUSE ™

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