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■ NUTRITIONAL OUTLOOK 30 MAY 2018 Sweeteners T e company said it's already begun "ramp- ing up" production of Reb D and Reb M, with PureCircle CEO Maga Malsagov stating that "large-scale volumes are now available at at- tractive prices." "T at will help the beverage and food companies get access to an ingredient they need, as they continue to respond to their consumers' desires for more zero- and low- calorie products using plant-based sweeten- ers," the company added. To Market, To Market As stevia suppliers introduce dif erent types of Reb M and Reb D sweeteners, in the end, formulators—and, possibly, well-informed end-use customers—will determine which type is right for them. Each has its advantages. For instance, Sweet Green Fields' Francis says, "In the long term, it is likely that stevia sweeteners produced by fermentation and/ or bioconversion may be lower cost versus traditional stevia extracts." However, he says, "although bioconversion starts with the ste- via leaf and converts to a targeted glycoside, fermentation is a completely dif erent pro- cess" and that "to produce a stevia glycoside from fermentation does not even use stevia leaf whatsoever." Meanwhile, Kennedy says that EverSweet gives formulators who may have had trouble sourcing Reb M and Reb D another option. "What we'd been hearing from formulators is, 'I really want to get my hands on Reb M or Reb D, but I can't track any down from leaf," Kenne- dy said at Natural Products Expo West. T ese formulators might now try EverSweet instead. Companies also have another option for improving stevia-sweetener taste, which is to formulate with a blend of glycosides, both major and minor. As Layn's Yu says, "Today, we are seeing more and more CPG compa- nies combining multiple steviol glycosides because the combination provides a better customized sweet solution." Many stevia suppliers agree that blends are a good answer. T is includes blends with various glycosides as well as with other kinds of sweeteners. At Natural Products Expo West, for in- stance, Kennedy said that while EverSweet can serve as the sole sweetener in some product applications, "I think we're going to see combinations with EverSweet"—such as those marrying EverSweet and leaf-derived stevia ingredients. Products containing both could be labeled as containing both "stevia "What we'd been hearing from formulators is, 'I really want to get my hands on Reb M or Reb D, but I can't track any down from leaf,' " said Mandy Kennedy, Cargill. Vesta's ȕ-ImmuneShield-85D ™ has the highest available concentration at 85%. Beta Glucan 1,3 D ȕImmuneShield-85D ™ • Clinically proven to induce the immune system • Enhances immunity without inflammation • Activates macrophages to remove pathogens • All natural and only Beta Glucan 1,3 from algae

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