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Nutritional Outlook, April 2018

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■ NUTRITIONAL OUTLOOK 12 Sports Market APRIL 2018 G lobal sports nutrition value sales grew from $8.4 billion in 2012 to $13.6 billion in 2017 and are ex- pected to reach almost $19 billion by 2022. T is global expansion is supported by core users, such as body builders and profes- sional athletes, and new consumers who are increasingly embracing f tness trends, thus incrementally building a broader sports nu- trition client base. North America has historically dominated sports nutrition value sales due to the mature U.S. market. In fact, the U.S. alone has repre- sented over 60% of global value sales each year over the past 10 years, reaching $8.4 bil- lion in 2017. But even though North America, and specif cally the U.S., accounts for the ma- jority of global sports nutrition value sales to- day, sales in Asia Pacif c are expected to grow at the fastest pace moving forward. Looking ahead, Asia Pacif c is projected to be the fastest growing sports nutrition re- gion, with a 10% compound annual growth rate over 2017-2022 and set to reach $1.3 bil- lion by 2022 (up from $816 million in 2017). In this region, value sales are mainly driven by two markets, Japan and China, which had combined sales of $432 million in 2017, rep- resenting over 50% of regional sales and to- gether set to reach $812 million by 2022. Regional Drivers While rising f tness trends are a common factor driving growth in Asia Pacif c, dif erent drivers arise across the core Asian markets. Japan is the number one sports nutrition country in the region, with $226 million in value sales in 2017. Obesity concerns, an in- creasing number of consumers joining sport- ing activities, and ef orts led by the Japanese Sports Agency to ensure sports access to everyone are expected to continue to drive sports nutrition sales. Furthermore, Japanese women are changing their traditional beauty preferences. While maintaining a "skinny" physique used to be a health and beauty goal, more women in Japan these days are instead looking to build their muscle and athleticism. In other words, a "strong is the new skinny" trend is inf uencing demand for Asia Pacifi c: Sports Nutrition's Hot Spot Sports nutrition sales are expected to grow fastest in Asia Pacifi c, outpacing North America. SHUTTERSTOCK.COM/ASLYSUN BY CAROLINA ORDONEZ, EUROMONITOR INTERNATIONAL Carolina Ordonez

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