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Certifi able Indeed, the Natural Marketing Institute's 2018 Supplements/OTC/Rx Database (SORD) sur- vey found that a majority of consumers—53%, to be exact—expressed concern about tainted or illegal ingredients in supplements. It's these consumers, Jordan says, who "want quality products through verif cation of sport supple- ment contents." In other words, they want certif cation. "It's all about trust," he insists. "T ere are a lot of products out there making a lot of incredible claims. But how do you trust those claims without any sort of independent verif cation? I personally won't take any supplement unless it's independently tested and certif ed." Among the labs and organizations provid- ing such testing and certif cations are France's SPORT Protect, UK-based HFL, Informed- Sport and Labdoor, and, of course, Jordan's own organization, NSF International. How does NSF do it? It starts by certifying that any product coming under its purview adheres to the requirements outlined in NSF/ ANSI 173—the American National Standard for dietary supplements, which stipulates, among other things, that products be made in a facility inspected twice annually to com- ply with GMPs. T en NSF verif es label claims and ensures that no harmful levels of specif c contaminants or fraudulent ingredients are present. After that, ongoing auditing and testing conf rm continued compliance. To date, Jordan says, "more than 1,000 supple- ment products and ingredients are certif ed to the NSF/ANSI 173 dietary supplement standard." And for sports nutrition, NSF subjects products to the assessments outlined above while also testing on a lot-by-lot basis for more than 270 athletic banned substances. Passing this test earns a product NSF's Certi- f ed for Sport imprimatur, which Jordan says carries real weight with elite and pro athletes, as well as those who train, feed, and care for them. "Major League Baseball, the National Hock- ey League, and Canadian Football League clubs and coaches are only allowed to give players supplements that are Certif ed for Sport," he notes. T e NFL, PGA, LPGA, CCES, CPSDA, and Taylor Hooton Foundation also recommend the certif cation. "Many pro ath- letes and even consumers are using our new Certif ed for Sport app" to f nd supplements that pass the test, he adds. "We always en- courage athletes and consumers to take only supplements that are independently tested and certif ed. T at's the only way to know what's really in the products." 7 NUTRITIONAL OUTLOOK ■ APRIL 2018

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