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Nutritional Outlook, April 2018

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,W·V,Q7KH'HWDLOV Jost is the leading supplier of high purity Calcium Citrate Calcium Hydroxide Dibasic Calcium Phosphate Tribasic Calcium Phosphate Other Calcium Salts MRVWFKHPLFDOFRP 314-428-4300 At Jost Chemical Co. we manufacture our &DOFLXP products with exceptionally low levels of Al, Pb, Cd, As, and Mn. Our high purity mineral salts are manufactured using innovative, controlled processes, which yield products that go beyond the established high purity standards. Our 30-year history of manufacturing success has established Jost as WKH OHDGLQJVXSSOLHU of these high purity USP/EP/FCC mineral salts. Jost products are manufactured in a cGMP compliant, FDA-registered facility. Our products are fully reacted, consistent from lot-to-lot, and meet all customer requirements. Ultra Pure Minerals for applications where purity is a must.

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