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■ NUTRITIONAL OUTLOOK 26 APRIL 2018 Brain Health of the astaxanthin supplement or a placebo for eight weeks. To test mental function, the participants performed a battery of timed calculations (i.e., the Uchida-Kraepelin test) to evaluate concentration and mental clar- ity; physical challenges were performed using a bicycle ergometer. T e researchers then measured individuals' subjective and objective perceptions of fatigue both before and after the stressor tests. Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) analysis showed a signif cant reduction in perceived symptoms of mental and physical fatigue with supplementation compared to the pla- cebo. "T ese included improvements in cog- nitive acuity, concentration, motivation, and mood," Hecht notes. Subjects also reported reduced feelings of body heaviness and irrita- tion. And while the placebo group displayed an increase in errors during the second half of the test, such an increase "was almost nonexistent" in the astaxanthin group. Sup- plementation also signif cantly lowered levels of salivary cortisol, a stress biomarker. Says Hecht, "T e study is believed to be the f rst clinical trial demonstrating that a nutra- ceutical ingredient has properties ef ective against both physical and mental fatigue." References 1. Nagamatsu LS et al., "Physical activity im- proves verbal and spatial memory in older adults with probable mild cognitive impair- ment: a 6-month randomized controlled trial," Journal of Aging Research. Published online February 24, 2013. 2. Kalman D et al., "Randomized prospective double-blind studies to evaluate the cogni- tive ef ects of inositol-stabilized arginine silicate in healthy physically active adults," Nutrients, vol. 8, no. 11 (November 2016) 3. Falcone P et al., "Chronic supplementation with a natural nootropic spearmint extract improves active reaction performance in young healthy individuals. Study presented at the Proceedings of the 14 th Annual Inter- national Society of Sports Nutrition confer- ence ( June 2017). 4. Yurgelun-Todd D et al., "T e ef ect of citico- line supplementation on motor speed and attention in adolescent males," Journal of Attention Disorders. Published online July 15, 2015. 5. Taylor L et al., "Safety of TeaCrine®, a non- habituating, naturally-occurring purine al- kaloid over eight weeks of continuous use," Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Published online January 13, 2016. 6. Hongo N et al., "Randomized controlled trial of the anti-fatigue ef ects of astaxanthin on mental and physical loads simulating daily life," Journal of Clinical Therapeutics & Medi- cines, vol. 32, no. 7 (2016): 277-291 Kimberly J. Decker writes for the food and nutrition industries from her base in the San Francisco area, where she enjoys eating food as much as she does writing about it. STEPPING Creativty Learn more at or give us a call: 209.667.6076 Creamy or crunchy? Yes. Fortify snack bars with whey protein for tempting textures. Snack bars with whey are also good tasting and good for you. Let's get creative. We can show you how to use whey protein in popular foods. Offer consumers convenient products in a variety of flavors and with the valuable nutritional and functional benefits of whey. Whey protein delivers: Hunger satisfaction %XLOGLQJEORFNVIRUOHDQPXVFOH Functional benefits including extended shelf-life and improved extrudability Whey Protein Lactose Milk Powder © 2018 HILMAR INGREDIENTS 9LVLW8VDW,)7±%RRWK6

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