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MARKETING ■ NUTRITIONAL OUTLOOK 16 APRIL 2018 of health positions. Over 16% of 2017 U.S. launches recorded by Innova Market Insights carried an indulgence/premium position, up from 13% in 2016. T is rises to 18.5% in cat food, where there has been strong growth in super-premium, single-serve formulations and rising use of human food–style recipes, such as broths, stews, and casseroles. Broths have been increasingly seen in the cat food market, while dog food tends to focus more on heartier, meaty fare, such as Ainsworth Pet Health's Rachael Ray's Nutrish Super Pre- mium Hearty Beef Stew. More recently, we have also seen added indulgence with so-called "toppers" of tasty, added ingredients. Take the Purina Muse cat foods range. Its Natural Tuna & Tilapia Recipe in Broth comes with a Baby Clam topper; its Natural Ocean Fish comes with an anchovy topper. T e use of more unusual meats is also a hallmark of the super-premium market, with brands such as Walk About launching canned dog and cat foods featuring more ex- otic meats such as goat, wild boar, and wild kangaroo. Restaurant qualities are also manifesting in the pet food category with brands such as Catered Bowl, which of ers a range of premi- um, organic canned and dry recipes for cats and dogs. Launches include its Wild-Caught Alaskan Whitef sh, Organic Chicken, and Antibiotic-Free Turkey recipes. T ere is also rising interest in seasonal options and in limited-edition formats and f avors, particu- larly for special events such as Christmas so that pets can share in the celebrations. T e human/animal bond now def nes the pet food market in the U.S. It is perhaps not surprising that the clean-label trend has ex- panded to the pet food market as it has in the human foods market, with a requirement for transparency and accountability. T ere is also rising interest in sustainability, stem- ming from Millennial pet owners. Keep an eye on this exciting market. Clean-label trends have expanded to the pet food market as they have in the human foods market. Innova Market Insights is your source for new-product data. The Innova Data- base ( is the product of choice for the whole product- development team, offering excellent product pictures, search possibilities, and analysis. See what food manufacturers are doing around the world: track trends, competitors, ingredients, and flavors. In today's fast-moving environment, this is a resource you cannot afford to be without.

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