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Introductions 29 8 Powder Flow Sensors Booth 2534 – Freeman Technology has added Lenterra flow sensors to its product portfo- lio. In 2016, the company entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Lenterra, a com- pany that specializes in the provi- sion of optical technology for in- line real-time flow measurement. Freeman's material characteriza- tion solutions aim to optimize pro- cess performance, increasing pro- ductivity and improving quality in a diverse range of sectors. Freeman Technology Inc., Wayne, PA 718-358-2058 www.powderflow.com Pneumatic Solids Flowmeter Booth 2645 - Solidflow 2.0 is a new and improved mass flow measurement system developed for solids that are pneumatically conveyed or in free-fall condition. Using the latest microwave tech- nology, a measuring field is cre- ated in a metallic pipe. The micro- wave energy is reflected by the particles and received by the sen- sor. This energy is evaluated by frequency and amplitude. The se- lective frequency used allows the sensor to only evaluate moving particles. Because of this, build-up and deposits are ignored. The Solidflow is typically mounted 1-2 ft below a rotary valve or screw feeder for freefall and almost any- where for pneumatic. It is easy to install and calibrate. It can mea- sure powders, granulates, wood chips, pulverized coal, and more. The second generation version has been upgraded with the latest microprocessor with 100 time more processing power and spe- cial new algorithms. GTS Inc., Shalimar, FL 850-651-3388 www.onthelevel.com Compact Cartridge Filter Booth 1945 - Kice Industries introduces a completely redesigned compact fil- ter for direct mounting to bins, drags, legs, and other equipment where ac- cess or mounting options are limited. The integrated fan and cleaning system has been designed for simple installation, operation, and maintenance. The filter is designed for various cartridge configurations and lengths to handle a wide range of applications, materials, and air volumes. The filter features a tool-free cartridge replacement to minimize maintenance and down-time. It will be available in carbon or stainless steel to meet specific application re- quirements. Kice Industries, Wichita, KS 316-744-7151 www.kice.com Bin & Hopper Material Flow Coarse Screening & Separating Fine Mesh Screening Feeding & Conveying Densification & Compaction www.clevelandvibrator.com • (800) 221-3298 Booth #3129 INDUSTRIAL VIBRATORS & VIBRATORY EQUIPMENT FOR: Since 1923, The Cleveland Vibrator Company has been designing, manufacturing and supplying vibratory products and offering services to meet material handling needs. Our diverse product and knowledge sets range from the precise challenges of fine powder screening to the most rugged feeder, screener and conveyor applications. We offer over 400 vibrator & equipment options ranging in force from 10 lbs to 40,000+ lbs. Let us help you find a solution to keep you moving. Cleveland Made Quality Since 1923 Te l : 9 1 0 - 3 9 2 - 2 4 9 0 s a l e s @ e a s t e r n i n s t ru m e n t s. c o m Fa x : 9 1 0 - 3 9 2 - 2 1 2 3 w w w. e a s t e r n i n s t ru m e n t s. c o m Te l : 9 1 0 - 3 9 2 - 2 4 9 0 s a l e s @ e a s t e r n i n s t ru m e n t s. c o m Fa x : 9 1 0 - 3 9 2 - 2 1 2 3 w w w. e a s t e r n i n s t ru m e n t s. c o m T H E C E N T R I F LO W B W S : W E I G H B E T T E R . ($67(51,167580(176 )/2:0($685(0(1763(&,$/,676 N E E D ACC U R AT E S O L I D S F LO W M E A S U R E M E N T, O N A T I G H T B U D G E T ? F LO W B W S : T H E C E N T R I F T O N A T I G H T B U D G E T ? Visit us at the Powder Show Booth #2725 Better Solutions Around the Bend The Ceram-Back ® Elbow ROGRESSIVE P R O D U C T S I N C . The Elbow People™ 1-888-235-1732 www.progressiveproductsinc.com sales@progressiveproductsinc.com 'LDPRQGKDUGFHUDPLFSURWHFWLRQ(DVLO\UHSODFHVH[LVWLQJVZHHSHOERZV1RPLQLPXPSUHVVXUHRUÀRZUHTXLUHG • Any Size. Any Degree. • No surging and plugging • No system power loss • Better value • No long lead times • Specialty ends available Visit us at the Powder Show Booth #2540

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