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IVD Technology, November/December 2012

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based products. Accurate, repeatable performance is achievable via the valve's stroke adjustment knob, which the user can dial precisely to the desired shot vol- ume. To ensure long-term system reli- ability, the incorporated 25-µm air fi lter regulator permits the passage of only clean, dry, particulate-free air. DYMAX CORP. www.dymax.com Moisture Analyzer Th e versatile Kern MLB 50-3N moisture analyzer is designed to make moisture analysis quick, easy, and accurate. With a readout of 0.001 g or 0.01% moisture and the ability to be connected to an optional companion printer, the moisture balance sup- ports GLP/ISO recordkeeping data requirements involving time, date, and sample identifi cation number. A large liquid-crystal display panel shows readings from and the status of the moisture analysis process, includ- ing moisture content as a percentage, current temperature, drying process activity, previous-sample drying time, and the switch-off mode by time or constant weight. Th e analyzer deter- mines moisture content between 0 and 100% by measuring weight loss from the starting weight, and it displays dry mass from 100% to 0% as residual weight. It has a temperature range of 50° to 160°C, a maximum weigh- ing capability of 50 g, reproducibility of 0.003 g, and linearity of ±0.003 g. Technicians can select from standard, soft, fast, and step heating profi les, depending on the properties of the material being tested. TOVATECH LLC www.tovatech.com MAb Clones for Research Two monoclonal antibodies have been added to a supplier's catalog. Both clone 108-2A2 and clone 108- 7G4.1D2 recognize human C- reactive protein (CRP) in the presence and absence of Ca2+. Th ese antibod- ies are for research use only. CRP is a component of the immune system, and during acute infl ammation fol- lowing injuries or during episodes of infection, serum CRP may be elevated to above 10 mg/L. Subtle variations in noninfl ammatory CRP levels have been used to help predict risk of heart attack or stroke. Th e American Heart Association and Centers for Disease Control recommend that testing for high-sensitivity CRP (hs-CRP) should be employed to assess patients thought to be at moderate cardiovas- cular risk. Th e range of interest for hs-CRP tests is typically from less than 1 mg/L to more than 3 mg/L. Th e antibody supplier is interested in licensing hybridomas and constructs for IVD development. MERIDIAN LIFE SCIENCE INC. www.meridianlifescience.com IVD ivdtechnology.com IVD TECHNOLOGY | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012 39

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