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IVD Technology, November/December 2012

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PRODUCTS & SERVICES Autosampler A custom manufacturer off ers an autosampler for research applications. Th is instrument, which can be incor- porated into existing OEM systems, is designed to increase laboratory throughput by automating sample preparation. Its fl uid-handling and simple. Other potential applica- tions include d-dimer and other tests requiring a quantitative result. CARCLO DIAGNOSTIC SOLUTIONS LTD www.carclodiagnosticsolutions.com Prototype Motors Th e PittmanExpress online ordering system has been established by a motor supplier to make it easy for customers to order from a standard list of prototype parts available for 24-hour shipment. Th e system allows an engineer to quickly obtain off -the-shelf dc motors for con- ened to less than 6 amol per well for ATP and less than 0.3 fmol per well for fl uorescein. Th e instrument has a very- low-noise universal detector for fl uores- cence and luminescence measurements and is equipped with a photodiode for absorbance readings. Further, optical fi lters can be used for luminescence measurements, making possible BRET and multicolored luciferase reporter gene applications. Other important system features are temperature con- trol for the microplate compartment, a reagent compartment placed in the front, accommodation of as many as three reagent injectors, and operation via established and intuitive software. BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES www.berthold.com Valve Dispensing Systems motion systems coordinate smoothly to ensure precision aspiration and dis- pensing. As an indication of its capa- bilities in custom equipment develop- ment, the manufacturer produced a concept autosampler within six weeks of completing the design. It then con- verted the design to a cast assembly, which reduces complexity and cost while improving reliability. ACCUDYNAMICS LLC www.accudynamics.com Microfl uidic Platform Th e micropoc-CAT microfl uidic platform, the second format within the developer's micropoc family of disposable diagnostic devices, is a proof-of-concept platform avail- able for licensing to partners in the point-of-care diagnostics and home- health-screening sectors. Th e instru- ment takes a sample of body fl uid and delivers permanent output of a quantitative test result. Using capillary agglutination technology, it has been developed to enable users to measure degree of blood coagulation, useful in monitoring patients taking blood- thinners. Th e platform is designed to make blood sampling and test control cept testing and evaluation of the need for an application-specifi c customized motor solution, which the motor manu- facturer can develop and provide as nec- essary. A variety of brush dc motors, brushless dc motors, and gearmotors are available in several frame sizes and volt- ages. Continuous-torque ratings range from 0.80 to 226 oz-in. for brush motors, 7 to 248 oz-in. for brushless motors, and 6.4 to 880 oz-in. for gear- motors. Respective continuous-output power ratings are 2.8 to 447 W, 24 to 755 W, and 0.087 to 55 W. All three types of motor can be supplied with integrated incremental encoders. PITTMAN MOTORS www.pittman-motors.com Microplate Reader microplate reader employs an optical concept that enables lumines- cence, fl uorescence, and absorbance measurements to be performed, all at the high levels of sensitivity instru- ments dedicated to measuring each of these properties singly can achieve. Th e instrument is also capable of read- ing FRET, BRET, and BRET2. It features improved optics, and detection limits in fl uorescence have been tight- Th e second-generation multilabel TriStar2 fl uid into the valve's actuation area. Th e diaphragm is tough; this, along with specially selected component materials, allows long maintenance intervals for the diaphragm and valve. In addition, these features make the valve systems suitable for dispensing light-curable materials and such reactive materials as cyanoacrylates, anaerobics, and solvent- 38 IVD TECHNOLOGY | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012 ivdtechnology.com Model 475 valve dispensing systems employ a pneumatic, normally closed diaphragm valve to dispense low- to high-viscosity fl uids accurately. Th e design of the internal diaphragm and adjacent parts prevents migration of

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