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IVD Technology, November/December 2012

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Polyimide Tubing and Coatings With the strategic acquisition of a microtubing manufacturer, a provider of high-performance coatings and fi lms is able to off er both large- and small-diameter seamless polyimide tubing and custom assemblies. Th e coating and fi lm company supplies the tubing in sizes of 0.005 to 6 in. ID and is equipped to provide laser- machining, cut-to-length, necking, fl aring, tipping, thermoplastic jack- eting, and refl ow and subassembly services, along with discrete coating of stainless-steel, nitinol, and other metallic tubes and cylindrical com- ponents with polyimide. It performs contract subassembly work on-site in a Class 10,000 (ISO Class 7) clean- room facility. In addition, the com- pany is a stocking distributor, fab- ricator, and customizer of industrial barrier fi lms manufactured by Hon- eywell. Its core competence has been to supply ultra-high-performance coatings and fi lms of Tefl on, Xylan, Dykor, Halar, Emralon, Everlube, Tefzel, Kapton, and PEEK. AMERICAN DURAFILM CO. www.americandurafi lm.com Magnetic Position Sensors of 30 G typical without using chopper stabilization on the Hall element, and thus producing a clean output signal, they are operated by the magnetic fi eld from a permanent magnet or an SS360NT, SS360ST, and SS460S high-sensitivity, bipolar-latching digi- tal Hall-eff ect-sensor integrated cir- cuits (ICs) are versatile magnetic position sensors designed to provide a fast latch response time and thus high commutation effi ciency in brushless dc motors. Bipolar latching magnetics make these ICs well suited for accu- rate speed sensing and rpm measure- ment. Th e small devices respond to low magnetic fi elds and off er consis- tent repeatability along with quick reaction to changes in the magnetic fi eld. Off ering reliable switching points with high magnetic sensitivity electromagnet. Th e devices come in SOT-23 surface-mount and TO-92 packages, have an operating-voltage range of 3 to 24 V dc, and can be employed in environments as hot as 302°F. Motorized medical equipment and instrumentation requiring fl ow- rate sensing are among the applica- tions for which they are useful. HONEYWELL www.honeywell.com SPHERO SPHEROTM Brilliant Particles, Infinite Possibilities Functionalized Fluorescent Microspheres Polystyrene Fluorescent Microspheres Coated Fluorescent Microspheres Monodisperse with stable fluorescence Applications include bioimaging and biosensing For covalent coupling to proteins or ligands Used as fluorescent tracers for cell surface markers after coating Available with Streptavidin, Avidin, Biotin, Protein A, Protein G, Goat anti-Mouse IgG, or other proteins of interest Used in agglutination and lateral flow assays Spherotech 27845 Irma Lee Circle, Unit 101 Lake Forest, IL 60045 Tel (847) 680-8922 Fax (847) 680-8927 www.spherotech.com ivdtechnology.com Immunoassay Reagents and Services r substrates, antibodies, wash and blocker solutions r conjugation and purification, technical expertise 800+ products Flexible capabilities ISO-registered 30 years experience Get to market faster Bulk and custom packaging Quality and consistency Ensure enduring success Visit www.kpl.com/OEM or call 800.638.3167, option 4 for more information. IVD TECHNOLOGY | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012 37 TM Fluorescent Microparticles

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