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IVD Technology, November/December 2012

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PRODUCTS & SERVICES Dc-Motor Spindle Drive Th e GP16 precision 16-mm spindle, in combination with a dc motor, enables rotary motion to be trans- formed into powerful axial motion. Gearheads, motors, encoders, and controllers from the manufacturer's standard program drive the spindle, which is available as a metric M6 spindle with a self-locking function and as a 5-mm ball screw off ering high effi ciency and load capacity but no self-locking feature. A central component of the robust, reliable, long-lived spindle is the axial bearing, designed to withstand high tractive and compressive forces. Fourteen optics ranging in thickness from 6 to 10 mm. Its picomotor has integrated knobs for quick manual adjustment of all axes. For added convenience, a left-handed mirror mount also is available. Both versions come in black anodized aluminum. NEWPORT CORP. www.newport.com Hypoxia Chamber reduction ratios between 4.4:1 and 850:1 are available for the planetary gearhead. Depending on reduction ratio and type of spindle, feed forces between 35 and 370 N can be achieved, with 400 N possible for short durations. Nine diff erent brushed and brushless motors may be used to drive the system, and these can be equipped with compatible encoders for precise positioning. MAXON PRECISION MOTORS www.maxonmotorusa.com Mirror Mount Th e compact New Focus Clear Edge Picomotor mount 8821 for optical subsystems off ers precision and stabil- ity via two picomotor actuators and provides the generous beam access of a clear-edge mirror mount. Sap- phire seats and optimized springs deliver smooth, reliable operation while maintaining high levels of ther- mal and mechanical stability. Fully compatible with the manufacturer's 8702 picomotor drive module and iPico series and its GuideStar II laser beam steering correction system, the kinematic mount accommodates 1-in. over the same range. It allows the user to control independently the percent- age of both of these gases in incre- ments of 0.1%. Made of stainless steel for long-term durability, this hypoxia unit incorporates ultrabright LED examination lights, sleeves that give immediate vacuumless entry to the chamber, condensation control to minimize condensate even at high humidity, and RS-232 data collection 36 IVD TECHNOLOGY | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012 Off ered by a specialist in the manu- facture of environmentally controlled chambers for laboratory and research use, the Bactrox hypoxia chamber provides precise oxygen control between 1 and 20% for microaero- philic bacteriology and hypoxic tissue- or cell-culture applications. Th e chamber is additionally capable of regulating carbon dioxide content capability. An independent incubator off ering temperature control and log- ging holds up to 300 plates. Th e pass box accommodates 90 plates, and pro- cessing is completed in a cycle time of 60 seconds. Th e PID-based atmo- spheric controller includes a zirco- nium dioxide oxygen sensor that can be calibrated via a PC. SHELDON MANUFACTURING INC. www.shellab.com confi guration are designed to reduce the probability of contamination in the unit interior signifi cantly. Th e deep-drawn inner chamber with inte- grated shelf fi xtures and large rounded corners, which is the core of the design, also makes each incubator easy to clean and care for by virtue of min- CO2 CO2 incubators with the Anti.Plenum Incubators imizing the surface area where con- taminants could lodge. A patented air jacket that is integral to the stream- lined confi guration, in combination with a distinctive humidifi cation sys- tem, ensures uniform heat transfer. Further, the integral shelf supports that substitute for the air baffl es and racks in typical incubators maximize usable space. Besides making for a more user-friendly instrument and creating a more hospitable environ- ment for cultures, the incubators' spe- cial features remove the need to pur- chase such consumables as HEPA fi lters, hydrogen peroxide solutions, and UV lamps. Th e incubators are sterilized for use at 180°C via a safe, automatic hot-air process. BINDER INC. www.binder-world.com ivdtechnology.com

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