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IVD Technology, November/December 2012

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Machine Vision Sensor Display Th e SensorView 2 smart display for Checker machine vision sensors enables production engineers to fully confi gure, test, and monitor Checker 4G sensors without needing a PC at any stage. Th e display's 8.9-in. touch screen is easy to view and use on the factory fl oor. With built-in Ethernet- based communication, it can be installed anywhere Checkers are con- nected to a network, and its special software has the same user interface as the standard PC software for the sen- sors, obviating the need for additional training. Th e large-screen display is diameters is available. Standard fi n- ished tolerances range from ±0.0002 in. for mandrel material having a diameter of 0.0200 in. and below, up to ±10% of diameter for mandrels with cross sections of 0.0800 in. or greater. Wire is delivered as standard on a 400-lb 22-in. reel when diameter is above 0.020 in., in a D-50 pack- age when diameter ranges from above 0.010 to 0.025 in., or in a D-25 pack- DNA Ladder supplemented by two other develop- ments of the machine vision sensor family: an economy version of the sensor designed to make simple deter- minations of presence or absence, and a software developer's toolkit that facilitates OEM integration of the sensor into a custom human–machine interface. COGNEX CORP. www.cognex.com Copper Mandrel Material Silver-plated and bare precision drawn copper mandrel material for catheter manufacturing is available from a sup- plier of fi ne wire components for the medical device industry. Th e provider's comprehensive in-house plating and drawing capabilities enable it to fulfi ll customer requirements for plating thickness and wire diameter based on application specs. Typical properties of the silver-plated material include elon- gation of 25% minimum and plating thicknesses of 1.25%, 2%, and custom options. A broad spectrum of fi nal ivdtechnology.com particularly useful for procedures such as probe labeling, DNA sequencing, and optimizing the insert-vector ratio in ligation reactions, where DNA concentration must be taken into con- sideration. Also available from the supplier is a 100-base-pair ladder designed for identifying and quantita- tively estimating small DNA frag- ments. Likewise correlating the size of DNA to the amount of DNA loaded, this ladder consists of nine fragments ranging in size from 100 to 1500 base pairs. G-BIOSCIENCES www.gbiosciences.com A DNA ladder designed to provide accurate estimation of nucleic acid fragments, the DNAmark Logic Marker contains 16 DNA bands, ranging from 100 base pairs to 10,000. Th e ladder is formulated such that each band contains an amount of DNA that correlates logically to its size, allowing the user to estimate both the size and the quantity of spe- cifi c fragments at a glance. Th is tool is cates engagement. Available in PEEK and Delrin for 1/8- and 1/16-in. tub- ing, the fi ttings feature a validated fi n- ger-tightening range of 1.5 to 6 in.-lb. Th ey are small enough that several can be designed into a small valve, but they are engineered to off er a long operating lifetime; the manufacturer ran tests that found the fi ttings could withstand more than 100 install-and-release cycles without any performance degradation. IDEX HEALTH & SCIENCE LLC www.idex-hs.com Infrared Band-Pass Filters Flat-Bottom Fittings Exhibiting Upchurch Scientifi c's Intui- tive torque-assurance technology are two fl at-bottom fi ttings suitable for use with IVD instruments. Th ese fi ttings require no tools for installation or ser- vicing, and their design ensures correct use and function. An audible click indi- age for diameters up to 0.030 in. ULBRICH SPECIALTY WIRE GROUP www.ulbrich.com Low-temperature-shift infrared (IR) band-pass fi lters are off ered by a man- ufacturer of durable thin-fi lm optical coatings for use in critical applications requiring minimal fl uctuation in cen- ter wavelength. Th ese IR coatings are suitable for instrument and equipment environments in which it is impracti- cal actively to heat or cool in order to maintain temperature stability. Such fi lter characteristics as bandwidth, center wavelength, slopes, blocking level, and others can be customized to meet application requirements. DEPOSITION SCIENCES INC. www.depsci.com IVD TECHNOLOGY | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012 35

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