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IVD Technology, November/December 2012

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PRODUCTS & SERVICES Flow Valves Designed to minimize the number of connections and potential leak points in fl ow mixing and selection for highly aggressive and high-purity fl uid applications, Flow Selection valves combine multiple valve actua- tors into one compact unit around a central block, allowing selection or mixing of any two to eight individual source streams. Th ese valves employ a fl exible diaphragm that isolates the solenoid actuator from the fl uid path. All wetted parts are made from highly inert nonmetallic materials such as PTFE or PEEK. Th e valves are available with orifi ces sized from 0.032 to 0.125 in. and in power ratings of 2 to 8 W. Th ey feature a radial manifold block, which eliminates the diff erences in fl ow path length and timing associated with linear manifolds. Each solenoid actuator is individually adjusted by the manufacturer to ensure equal fl ow rates at a given pressure. BIO-CHEM VALVE www.biochemfl uidics.com Cell Fusion System Th e Hybrimune electrofusion system is an advanced cell fusion system capable of delivering variable ac pulse frequencies. Off ering optimized and reproduc- ible protocols, the system uses patented technology to enhance the alignment of cells in large volumes; as many as 9 million cells can be fused in one run. With it, researchers producing monoclonal antibodies can achieve high levels of effi ciency with large-volume throughput; up to 180 million cells can be fused in a matter of milliseconds. Th is yield of antigen-specifi c clones compares very favorably with that of the polyethylene glycol– mediated process. Chambers with 2- and 9-ml capacities allow scalable throughputs. Electrofusion generates hybridoma lines secreting monoclonal antibodies with high binding specifi city and biological activity. BTX www.btxonline.com Th e latest generation of Sartopore Platinum sterilizing-grade fi lters features a TwinPleat polyethersulfone fi lter membrane whose surface has been modifi ed via a hydrophilic and highly thermostable polymer that enhances wetting properties and minimizes protein binding. Th e latter performance characteristic results in higher product yield and improved production work fl ows. Th e fi lter cartridges can be dry-steam sterilized in the forward or the reverse direction without aff ecting membrane properties. Th e alternating long and short pleats of the membrane maximize each cartridge's fi lter area. At the same time, this geometry ensures that liquids fl ow through the entire fi lter area so that fi ltration capacity is completely exploited. Th ese fi lters tolerate fl uids across the entire pH range and are available in sizes and con- Sterilizing-Grade Filters fi gurations suitable for laboratory to production applications. SARTORIUS STEDIM BIOTECH www.sartorius.com 34 IVD TECHNOLOGY | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012 ivdtechnology.com

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