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Flint Families Need Our Help You've likely seen the news coverage – Flint's change of water source in 2014 to the Flint River corroded plumbing, allowing lead to leach into tap water. With an estimated $1.5 billion price tag and 30-year time frame for pipe replacement, there simply is no quick or easy fix. But for affected adults and children, life goes on. Nutritional Outlook wants to team up with the nutraceutical industry to come together in support of the Flint community. Can you help? Your generous tax-deductible donation to the Flint Child Health & Development Fund, established by the Community Foundation of Greater Flint, is an investment in the chance for Flint's children to enjoy healthier lives. Nutritional Outlook's parent company, UBM, and their nonprofit arm will match the funds that we raise together, according to the scale of our response. For more information, to donate, and to learn about other ways to help the Flint community, visit Community Foundation of Greater Flint is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Federal Tax ID#382190667 MICS 6718 gettyimages/Maskot Please be sure to enter the term NO2016 where the donation form asks "How did you learn about the fund?" so that UBM/Nutritional Outlook can match your donation.

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