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NUTRITIONAL OUTLOOK ■ 51 DECEMBER 2016 THREE-PEAT!!! NUTRITIONAL OUTLOOK IS A WINNER! WINNER FOR THREE YEARS IN A ROW BEST TRADE PUBLICATION WPA Maggie Awards Non-Paid (Circ under 50,000)/Trade operating in an uncharted shopping ecosys- tem. For navigating today's H&W landscape needn't require ditching the mission that brought retailers here in the frst place. "It's not about doing a pendulum swing from the right brain to the left," Craven insists. "It's about adding to those passions as a way to understand the retailer's diferentiation, and then really ringing that bell to play to that strength." Te fipside of every challenge is an op- portunity, so we asked H&W retailing experts what top challenges—and opportunities— they see facing the community today. Be Yourself As more H&W brands fnd a home in mass retail—and as more consumers grow com- fortable buying their supplements online— H&W retailers need to dive headfrst into e-commerce, right? Not necessarily. "One of the biggest issues that natural retail faces is that they're too outwardly focused on trying to do what others do in- stead of focusing in on what they do well," says Craven. After all, "ubiquitous shop- pers" do still want to visit retail; they just need a "value-added incentive" to motivate them. Tat incentive might involve receiving one-on-one education, choosing from a cu- rated product set, or engaging with the mis- sion orientation of the sector itself—to name a few. "So what I've been trying to preach," Craven says, "is, 'How do we better under- stand why the ubiquitous shopper wants to shop at natural retail, and what advantages does natural retail have?' Ten we can beat that drum to create even more reasons for consumers to put down their phones and come shop." Loren Masalski, natural products re- search associate at SPINS (Chicago), agrees. Retailers, she says, "need to keep distin- guishing what sets them apart: the stan- dards they uphold, why they're the best with what they ofer. It's such a bear be- cause if the con- sumer can't per- ceive, feel, or know the diference, they'll invari- ably go the less-expensive route." Which leads us to our next chal- lenge—and opportunity. IstoCkphoto.CoM/ ExDEz

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