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46 Superfruits that match consumer expectations for ef- fcacy and safety. Exotic names with health benefts so broad that they're too good to be true are attractive for a few months, but eas- ily forgotten." What's New? Finally, New Nutrition Business's Mellentin advises, keep it novel. A superfruit "doesn't have to be a totally new fruit," he says, "but it helps to have something that's not so 'every- day.' When a fruit's already a commodity, it's hard to make it special." Marketers have apparently gotten the pic- ture. In the beverage space alone, "there are lots of ideas coming out," Lee says, and "lots of venture capital frms investing, encourag- ing startups. Entrepreneurs are looking for the next coconut water." As for what that'll be, "it's hard to tell," she says. "A wide range of fruit or grain beverages are emerging," as are plant waters from maple, birch, and Aloe vera. She's even seen chia and mushroom drinks. SPINS' Lanners wagers that some of the superfruits that got the trend started are ready for a revival, as goji, açaí, and golden berries all "still carry weight with consumers. But we can look forward to seeing more use of guanabana, dragon fruit, and baobab this coming year in everything from supplements and functional beverages to bars, snacks, and body care." One of the more exciting up-and- comers is the jackfruit, she adds, which can function as a meat substitute, "and will be valuable to the plant-based movement cur- rently gaining momentum." Kimberly J. Decker writes for the food and nutrition industries from her base in the San Francisco area, where she enjoys eating food as much as she does writing about it. Mangosteen Pomegranate ■ NUTRITIONAL OUTLOOK DECEMBER 2016 ViKtaR MalySHCHytS; nattiKa/SHUttERStOCK.COM SaltWorks ® is the leading supplier of all-natural ingredient salts for FOHDQODEHOVDQGHOHYDWHGÁDYRU With unmatched selection and unrivaled quality, SaltWorks is the RQO\VDOWVXSSOLHU\RXZLOOQHHG *XDUDQWHHG Call our salt experts tod a 3-7258 • • www LQIR#VHDVDOWFRP ZZZVHDVDOWFRP Call our salt experts today! - E S T A B L I S H E D 2 0 0 1 - ¬ manufacturing | ingredient bulk | food processing FOR 64)/HYHOFHUWLÀHG with the highest rating of Excellent.

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