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■ NUTRITIONAL OUTLOOK 42 DECEMBER 2016 Superfruits I t's hard to f nd fault with anything as virtuous as…fruit. But the relentless buzz surrounding the "superfruit" phenomenon has left some observers surveying the category with jaundiced eyes. Julian Mellentin, director for New Nutrition Business (London), even goes so far as to rank superfruit a "term we recommend companies don't use." Is it really that bad? Well, "it's certainly not as trendy as it was ten years ago," says Hope Lee, senior beverages analyst, Euromonitor International (Chicago). Even POM Wonderful, the iconic superfruit brand, suf ered a sharp slowdown in growth globally, "with value growth at 2.5% in 2012 to 2013," she says, citing data from Euromonitor's Health and Wellness database. T e backlash has several sources. For one, the term "likely began los- ing some of its luster as a byproduct of mainstreaming," says June Hope Lanners, natural products researcher for SPINS (Chicago), a leading information provider for the natural and specialty products industry. For another, the heavy presence of superfruits in the beverage sec- tor left the concept vulnerable to stif competition from "alternative Superfruits may not be as trendy as they were ten years ago, but market experts share f ve key strategies for keeping the category ripe. BY KIMBERLY J. DECKER Dragon fruit MaREKUliaSZ; COFFEE lOVER/SHUttERStOCK.COM

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