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Nutritional Outlook, December 2016

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*Synergy protein research has been in collaboration with its parent company, Carbery, a leading manufacturer of whey protein. CLEAN UP YOUR PROFILE Overcome bitterness masking challenges and achieve superior taste performance. Today's active consumers want to have fun while getting fi t. But there's nothing fun about bitterness. Synergy Flavors delivers a more enjoyable fl avor experience to all of your high protein powders, bars, RTDs, and gels. Equipped with proprietary research* and breakthrough technologies for effortlessly conquering the inherent fl avor obstacles associated with plant and hydrolyzed protein products, we're the proven fl avor partner you can trust to help your products make a splash in the market- place. Call us for a fl avor-masking demonstration with your protein-based product today. (847) 487-1011

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