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47 www.packagingdigest.com FALL 2016 // NEW TECHNOLOGY new products Pack Expo Tablet for inkjet coder The new Orion Touchscreen Tablet Kit makes it easy for users to create, edit and transfer messages for the company's line of CoPilot hi-resolution and Jetline large-character inkjet printers. With easy design and operation at its core, the kit comes with a 10.1- inch touchscreen tablet and holder stand, stylus, USB-to-Ethernet adapter, 3-foot Ethernet cable and an Orion software operator license. The Orion graphical software resides at the print station, rather than at the printer(s). Messages are created at the central location and sent to printers one of three ways: a USB memory device; an Ethernet connection or wirelessly. Both dot matrix and piezo coding systems can be programmed from the same print station. Squid Ink Manufacturing, www.squidink.com Pack Expo 2016 Booth S-3574 Expandable vision inspection The V2630 Flex Vision inspection system is an expandable, easy-to-install, easy-to-move and easy-to-use vision inspection system for label, print and package inspection applications on flat, oriented products. Unlike traditional machine vision systems, the V2630 offers users the ability to configure the system to meet their specific product inspection needs without the need to add new inspection equipment. The V2630 is expandable, allowing additional cameras to be added to as many as five cameras and 10 lights. The modular design makes it easy to move the system between production lines. Mettler Toledo, www.mt.com Pack Expo Booth S-1700 Improved rotary filler This stainless steel rotary filler has been redesigned with a smaller, streamlined base of support with full access to the drive system and change parts. The improved access makes cleaning, maintenance and changeovers faster and easier; all changeovers are tool-free. Clear Plexiglas doors run from the top of the machine to the floor to provide a clear barrier and easy machine access. The filler's patented detachable, no contamination magnetic funnels allow for quick cleaning and changeover. Other features and benefits include reduced vibration operation, servo-driven operation and easy-access design for auger cleaning. The high-speed system accepts rigid containers for a variety of dry products, including spices and infant formula. Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery, www.spee-dee.com Pack Expo Booth N-5436 Tight-fitting conveyor The new 2200 LPZ Z-Frame Conveyor comes with one or two pivot points, and features an extremely low profile to fit under machinery or any other tight spots. That makes it suitable for product handling in packaging, automation, medical, pharmaceutical and other applications. The pivot points on the conveyor provide added flexibility as it can be configured in either Z-frame, horizontal-to-incline and nose-over positions. The 2200 Series LPZ conveyor handles loads up to 80 lb at belt speeds to 250 feet per minute. Dorner, www.dornerconveyors.com Pack Expo Booth N-5945 Easy-open clamshells An interactive exhibit will present six examples of clamshells that are easy to open and reclosable, and will invite attendees to vote for the one they think is the easiest to open. These designs represent the company's recent efforts to develop a clamshell that simultaneously keeps products safe from pilferage while allowing the consumer to easily open and reuse the package. The winner will be revealed immediately after the show on the company's blog at its website. Dordan Manufacturing, www.dordan.com Pack Expo Booth E-8505 Visit us at Booth W-550 8 Kings Court · Flemington · New Jersey · 08822 Toll Free: 800.257.5282 | Phone: 609.466.3775 Fax: 609.466.3775 | www.medpak.com FD-PHARMA ™ LIQUID UN IT DOSE packaging System Manufactured by medical packaging inc. MPI's FD-Pharma™ is the only liquid cup unit dose packaging machine available that is able to produce FDA-compliant packages, addressing initial product development to medium production volumes, at a low price point, producing high quality, professionally packaged unit dose cups rivaling those produced on much higher cost packaging equipment! To request information, contact: pharmasales@medpak.com Small footprint, small price point, with professional FDA-compliant results for precise liquid dosing. Small Footprint The FD-Pharma™ is well suited for clinical trials, small production, to full production mode . . . all in one machine! Multiple Packaging Environments The FD-Pharma™ is easy to operate by line technicians with minimal training required to EHSURˉFLHQW Ease of Use Barcoding and serialization capabilities (when using Pak-EDGE™ UD) are standard features. The built-in scanner provides YHULˉFDWLRQRIDUHDGDEOHEDUFRGH on the unit dose package. State of the Art Technolog y Liquid Unit Dose Packaging Made Simple

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