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41 www.PackagingDigest.com FALL 2016 // NEW TECHNOLOGY Besides AseptiWave, Aseptia also promoted AseptiSense technology that uses pea-sized or other shape BioPod sensors to simplify validation of customers' aseptic processes. Tese "bio-implant carriers" contain a sealed bacterial spore suspension within a customized and calibrated enclosure that mimics any particulate in terms of size, weights thermal characteristics and density. In fact, Aseptia maintains a BioPod "library" to match various shapes, sizes and densities of simulated particles. Once individually tagged and released into the test or customer aseptic processing system, the BioPods reveal real-time data that permit researchers and engineers to "see" what's happening thermally at any point. Tey are captured just prior to flling for incubation and further analysis. "Te BioPods are applicable for direct, tube, ohmic or microwave processing," says Simunovic, "and were FDA validated to a 5/8-inch particle size in late 2015. Customers for AseptiSense include several of the top fve global food companies with more testing currently under way." A very big aseptic container Te display of aseptic packaging at the show wasn't all about processing and machinery. Intl. Paper Co.'s (www.internationalpaper.com) booth featured new packaging for aseptic ingredients shipped in bulk: Te SpaceKraft disposable Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) with Aseptic Bottom Fill (ABF). With a capacity of 800 to 1,000 liters, the IBC can be used for bulk aseptic fruits, jellies, purees and health drinks. Te one-way system eliminates the need, cleaning and tracking/return of stainless steel IBCs. Compatible with existing flling systems, it includes an EVOH high-barrier irradiated liner and has sanitary threads that permit steam sterilization to 145 deg C./293 deg F. Te packaging is said to be 100% recyclable. A custom, tamper-evident DN50- size valve maintains asepsis; the demo pumping system in the booth as shown was from GEA (www.gea.com/ en/index.jsp). The fastest way to eliminate errors on packaging GlobalVision Quality Control Platform is now available within Automation Engine Inspect text, artwork, barcodes, Braille, and printed materials. info@globalvisioninc.com | www.globalvisioninc.com Join us at Pack Expo - Booth: E-9309 Aseptic IBC has special valving and accepts volumes of up to 1,000 liters. "Customers include several of the top fve global food companies with more tests under way." — Josip Simunovic, Aseptia cofounder

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