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37 www.PackagingDigest.com FALL 2016 // BEST PRACTICES inside cartons to make the product appear bigger on the shelf than it actually was. recent potential slack fll violations Many large CPG companies have had class action suits brought against them for slack fll in one or more product categories, with typical published settlements ranging from $40,000 to more than $250,000. Some of the more-famous companies in the slack fll gallery of rogues include McCormick Spice, which attempted to remain price competitive by selling 3 ounces of pepper. No problem, right? Well, in this case there was a problem, as they were selling the 3 ounces of pepper tin in the exact same old 4-ounce tin. Tis means the 3-ounce tin was now roughly one-third empty! Tis type of activity—commonly referred to as "weight-out" or "package to price"—is an exercise companies undertake to sneakily reduce the amount of product they're selling in order to maintain the same price point. Tey assume consumers won't notice this sleight- of-hand change. But whatever you call it, putting less product in the same size (or larger) package is a blatant slack-fll violation that even the best attorneys will have a difcult time defending. a better approach to savings and improved sustainability Once you know what slack fll is, it's almost impossible to walk down the aisle at the grocery store and not see packaged products that deliberately or inadvertently incorporate possible nonfunctional slack fll. For many CPG's, food manufacturers and even co-packers that produce tens of thousands, if not millions of packages per year, package size requirements can be a balancing act. It's often the packaging engineer's job to walk the fne line between meeting the key success criteria for all stakeholders, since: • Marketing wants a large graphics billboard to make their product stand out on the shelf. • Operations wants larger packages, so they can run equipment a top-end speeds and minimize flling issues and change-overs. • Legal counsel wants right- sized packaging to eliminate non-functional slack fll (and avoid settlement fees or slack fll penalties). Most packages on the shelf today are optimally sized. Many have sufcient air space in them, so that the "reasonable man" would expect to open the package and fnd it contains a reasonable amount of slack fll. But make no mistake: Tere are still some packages that contain non-functional slack fll. In these cases, it pays to think like a packaging engineer! Tink of the improved sustainability, and the reduction in packaging materials if each of these companies were to truly optimize their packaging and improve their ratio of product vs. packaging. Using less materials, reducing costs, and reducing slack fll risk all in one shot: Sounds like a win, win to me! Rob Kaszubowski is engineering manager at Chainalytics (http:// pdlinks.com/Chainalytics), where he is focused on improving sustainability metrics and implementing packaging cost savings. Rob also contributes to the Packaging Matters (http://pdlinks.com/ PkgMatters) blog. Connect with Rob on Twitter @KazPack1. IN VISUAL PACK AGING, LEADERSHIP STANDS OUT. No one has the global scale and experience of HLP Klear fold (we're the world's largest). No one is commit ting more to technolog y investment and process innovation. No one is more intent on delivering customer satisfaction. PACKAGING THAT GIVES CONSUMERS A CLEAR CHOICE It always comes down to the point of sale. You can build your brand with great advertising, PR, and promotions, but you still need great packaging to close the deal. A dynamic folding carton that showcases your product or primary packaging, while making the competition look downright generic. Visual packaging from HLP Klearfold IS great packaging. Whether it is a clear all-plastic structure (carton, tube, round, or a totally unique shape and size) or Duofold ® , our new paper- board/plastic combination that combines two wholly distinct appearances and textures in a single package. Duofold delivers far greater visibility than conventional windowed cartons and added rigidity and windowed area over lightweight films. Our Soft Crease ® scoring enables the creation of multiple plastic carton panels or windows that can wrap around multiple score lines. As the familiar retail question goes, "Paper or plastic?" Our answer? How about both! (888) 457-7225 www.hlpklearfold.com info@hlpklearfold.com See us at Pack Expo Booth #E-6827

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