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32 BEST PRACTICES // FALL 2016 www.PackagingDigest.com A COMPLETE LINE IS SO MUCH MORE THAN ITS PARTS Optimise performance today and tomorrow From packaging development and higher quality equipment to line design and supply, we take you to full ramp-up in record time. With Smart data and Sidel Services ™ , you get ongoing improvements that optimise line performance for years to come. With more than 40 years of experience as a full solution partner, Sidel helps you meet your exact needs today – and stay prepared for the future. Explore each step of our complete line solution. Come and see us on Booth S-2525 at Pack Expo 2016 in Chicago, November 6 - 9, 2016. sidel.com/complete-lines PACK AGING EQUIPMENT LINE DESIGN LINE SUPPLY SMART DATA CONTINUOUS LINE PERFORMANCE Additionally, we asked about the utility of a variety of information sources or types of online or ofine content used to support the buying process. Tese sources and content were again mapped against the four stages of the buying process, and there was a possibility to answer that the source or content was not used. For identifying appropriate suppliers and vendors, web searches, supplier websites, emails from suppliers, and relying on friends or colleagues are most often used (all above 30%). Social media, with the exception of LinkedIn, is hardly used during any of the buying stages, with less than 20% of the buyers using these channels. We compared this year's results to those of 2015. Te sample size in 2016 was 33% larger (177 versus 133), thus it might be more representative. In 2016, the use of press articles in trade journals, trade associations, online communities, blogs and ofine events all declined by 10% in usage across the four diferent buying stages. Other big changes were a 10% decline of the use of online forums or communities to validate and short- list vendors, and a 9% decline of using trade associations or industry intermediaries to identify appropriate suppliers or vendors. Other changes are in the full report. Besides looking at where buyers searched for information online, we asked specifcally about what types of information they sought online, such as pricing, case study, best practice article or video. Tere were nine choices, plus none and a write-in option. Buyers could answer with more than one answer. Besides product/services information (89%) and pricing (72%), the top categories included: industry/competitive comparisons (57%); technology primers/how-to 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 119 160 104 66 4 Internet Usage vs. Buying Stage (N=201) Source: Online Buying Behavior of Packaging Buyers in 2016 by Fontys University of Applied Sciences Identifying and defning the packaging need Identifying appropriate suppliers or vendors Validating suppliers and solutions (short listing) Final vendor/supplier selection Other please specify - Write In NOTE: More than 1 answer was possible Activity Percent 2016 Percent 2015 59% 61% 80% 86% 52% 46% 33% 31% 3% 2% The most challenging searches are for new or infrequently sourced products or services, which are searched for internationally.

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