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28 BEST PRACTICES // FALL 2016 www.PackagingDigest.com Internet research aids decisions of packaging buyers Packaging buyers show A LITTLE MORE TRUST IN INFORMATION FOUND ON THE INTERNET to facilitate their purchases, based on data from our second annual survey of online buying behavior. George Szanto, Contributing Writer Nearly all packaging professionals use the internet to aid or facilitate some of their purchases, whether it be for f nding appropriate suppliers or products, or for comparison shopping. Are they satisf ed with their online experience? Ongoing research in 2016 surveyed more than 450 people from 21 countries about their ef orts to use the internet for a purchasing need during the past 12 months. Buyers shared their experiences about how they use the internet to facilitate a qualif ed purchase. T e research focused on 227 people who answered 20 dif erent questions about their purchase. T e results of the 2016 survey are compared to similar research carried out in 2015 (http://pdlinks. com/2015BuyingStudy). Our long term goal is to perform the survey yearly, and build it out further around the world. T e main objective of the research is to enhance the online experiences of buyers while at the same time helping suppliers manage their multi-channel online marketing ef orts. T e full detailed report of our research can be downloaded for free at http://pdlinks. com/2016BuyingStudy. T is year's data was collected between mid-February 2016 and the end of June 2016. Survey participants were recruited by email, postings on trade association websites, postings in LinkedIn packaging groups and publicity postings by a few trade journals, such as this one. We begin by describing the nature of the buys (demographics) and then proceed to discuss various online factors and measures. Demographics We asked what type of product or packaging solution the buyer sought. Buyers were allowed to pick more than one response. While packaging This exclusive research explores how packaging buyers f nd and share information online about suppliers. PHOTO BY RAWPIXEL LTD/iSTOCKPHOTO.COM Visit us at Pack Expo Booth #S-1766

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