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12 packaging concepts TRENDS // FALL 2016 www.PackagingDigest.com Natural storytelling redefines Kashi packaging Redesigned packaging from Kashi Co., Solana Beach, CA, reinvents its logo and branding from the roots up, including the use of editorial-style personal profile stories found on all packaging. The fresh elements and cleaner look better reflects the company's values and basic business proposition: that food should not only taste good, but do good. "At Kashi, we are inspired by some of the world's most vibrant ingredients and love bringing them together to create tasty food that also delivers the best possible nutrition," says Jeff Johnson, surfing nutritionist and senior director of marketing and new ventures at Kashi. "The new packaging reinforces our belief that foods should be clean and purposeful—the two ideas simply go together." "Kashi is changing the way it showcases its quality, starting with the consumer's first impression of the product on the shelves and the food itself," says Tosh Hall, creative director of Jones Knowles Ritchie (www.jkrglobal.com), the branding agency behind the new packaging and identity. "Our new design reflects values of the Kashi Co. The visual identity system and packaging tell the story of the product's quality, its origins and the dedicated people behind the Kashi brand." The new packaging is rolling out on shelves at retailers nationwide for use across all Kashi food products. Kashi also provided further response to Packaging Digest's inquiry with these highlights: Kashi is shaking up the natural and organic category with a bold departure from imagery reliant on farm and field visuals. The new design features food front and center against a clean white canvas and accented with a design that is unmistakably contemporary—with clean lines, vivid colors and straightforward typography. Kashi is also one of the first brands to incorporate editorial-style stories on all packaging about how the food was made and where it comes from. By the end of this year there will be more than 15 different stories, which showcase how the food was made and where it comes from. Read more at http://pdlinks.com/Kashi High-end tequila takes a shot at masculine packaging design Super-premium tequila Casa Noble recently refreshed its carton and bottle packaging to better reflect its hand- crafted quality and rich heritage. The tequila is housed in glass bottles with a hand- blown feel—bubbles and other imperfections included— designed to communicate craftsmanship and quality. The bottles are enveloped in tissue paper bearing the brand name and logo, then placed inside metallic- printed and embossed paperboard cartons adorned with high-quality product imagery and the brand's story on the back. Constellation Brands snapped up the high-end tequila in 2014 to broaden its import offerings, and the company immediately explored ways to take the niche brand to the next level. "The Casa Noble brand was respected by industry experts but needed to evolve to become a major player," says Ryan Anderson, Casa Noble brand manager for Constellation Brands. One of the brand's strengths, points out Anderson, is a deep history. Casa Noble's "maestro tequillero" is a seventh-generation craftsman who leads the spirit's production. The company felt the outer paperboard carton and the glass bottles should be upgraded to more closely reflect that heritage and attention to detail, and to better connect with consumers. Constellation Brands engaged Trinity Brand Group (www.trinitybrandgroup.com) to dig deeper; rebranding research included conducting a brand strategy workshop with key stakeholders. "The results of that workshop, together with a robust audit and consumer and category insights, suggested that it would have to brush away its quiet formality and become more personal, contemporary and vibrant," says Erin Paul, director of design strategy for Trinity Brand Group. The packaging upgrades include an enhanced Casa Noble logo, fonts that better communicate the product's premium nature, stronger color palette, and other carton and label elements that fit with its premium positioning. What stayed: The short-statured, bell-shaped bottles and round pewter closer fit in with consumers' connection with authentic, high-end tequila packaging. WS Packaging Group (www.wspackaging.com) produces the enhanced Casa Noble labels, tissue and outer cartons that are foil stamped, textured and embossed. Fitting for a hand-crafted tequila, labels are applied, the bottle corked, wrapped in tissue and inserted into the cartons and the carton is closed—all by hand. The various aspects of the refresh fit the brand's goals. "The design solution speaks directly to consumers' desires—a luxury experience from start to finish," says Anderson. Read more at http://pdlinks.com/CasaNoble — Jenni Spinner, contributing writer

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