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34 • Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News Fall 2016 Packaging Resource Center Pack ExPo IntErnatIonal and Pharma ExPo Show coverage modular solutions for filling liquids and powders into vials, syringes, and cartridges at speeds of up to 100 units per minute in a footprint only 1150 mm (45 in.) wide and 3200 mm (126 in.) long. It doses volumes from 0.1 to 100 ml for liquids and from 2 to 1500 mg for powders while maintain- ing an accuracy of +/- 0.5%. Suited for small-scale clinical trials and mass production of a wide range of phar- maceuticals and biopharmaceuticals including lyophilized products, Modu- line ensures the safety of both product and people during the filling process. The Model NFL combines a decon- tamination module, which accommo- dates nests or trays of prepackaged ready-to-use (RTU) vials, with a vial filling/stoppering/capping module. Dara can equip Moduline with stain- less steel or ceramic rotary piston pumps and/or peristaltic pumps for liquids and/or vacuum pressure fill for powders. Both VHP and NO2 steril- ization methods are available. NJM Packaging, booth # s-3805 and W-703 strip Packaging Machine Romaco North America will feature a compact eight-lane, balcony-style strip packaging machine capable of processing thousands of tablets or cap- sules per minute. The Romaco Siebler HM 1-230 heat-sealing machine packs pharmaceutical solids in air-, light-, and moisture-tight strip packaging. Configured with eight-lane product feeding, the compact, balcony-style machine processes up to 3200 tablets or 1800 capsules per minute. The rota- ry sealing system features thin-walled, detachable format sets that heat up rapidly and guarantee extremely pre- cise temperature distribution on the sealing surfaces. And strip packaging can be made in diferent geometries if needed. Round or clover-leaf shaped packaging also is possible, too, as are standard rectangular forms. Siebler also ofers highly flexible solutions for transferring the strips to a downstream Romaco Promatic cartoner. The Romaco Group, booth #W-691 company name Page # Aylward Enterprises, Inc. 36 252/633-5757 Barger, a Division of Placon 11 800/541-1535 Beacon Converters Inc. 2 201/797-2600 Elba Spa 5 +39 0331 305570 • Global Vision Inc. 19 514/624-4422 Hapa AG 17 +41 43 399 3200 • Neopac 13 +41 (0)31 770 11 11 company name Page # company name Page # advertisers Index IMA North America Inc. 3 978/537-8534 Medical Packaging Inc. 29 609/466-8991 Pack Rite Division Mettler Toledo 30 800/248-6868 Printpack Inc. 9 404/460-7000 ProSys 35 800/231-3455 Rohrer North America Inc. 25 215/723-0300 Rollprint Packaging Products Inc. 16 800/276-7629 Schobertechnologies Gmbh 23 513/489-7393 Serpa Packaging Solutions 27 800/348-5453 Thomas Packaging LLC 7 847/392-1652 Twin Rivers Paper Company 15 800/920-9988 Universal Robots 6 844/462-6268

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