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33 Fall 2016 Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News • Pack ExPo IntErnatIonal and Pharma ExPo system controls the weight of each car- ton; according to the company, this system is much more compact than the classic solution in which the weighing unit is coupled in-line and more com- pact than competitive solutions with weighing units with their own convey- ance system and independent from that of the labeling machine. By inte- grating the load cell into the toothed belt system of the BL A420 CW, the unit is able to verify the position of the cartons at all times. If the weight is correct, the product proceeds through subsequent processes (serialization, marking, and sealing) then to the next machine. If the weight is incorrect, the subsequent processes are skipped and the carton is rejected, according to the "fail-safe" operating logic. All types of printing and vision systems can be installed on BL A420 CW. The BL A420 CW will be backed by cartoner model MA 80, developed for flexibil- ity, ergonomics, and speed. The new MA 80 can process up to 120 cartons a minute, while the previous version could run 80 per minute. Marchesini Group, booth #W-743 Virtual Reality Optima Pharma will highlight phar- maceutical turnkey projects in 3-D using virtual reality. The exhibit will include large systems that Optima Pharma has implemented, for exam- ple, for filling and sealing under an isolator. In combination with freeze drying, various processing paths are available, which can be used in par- allel. Sterile processing systems for syringes, vials, and diagnostic products will be shown in 3-D, as will the latest machine type: the Optima MultiUse filling and closing machine for pro- cessing nested and bulk containers. The modular system can process all types of nested syringe, vial, and car- tridge formats and is equipped with an innovative transport system that processes large vial ranges at produc- tion rates of up to 150 products per minute without the need to change format parts. Also shown in 3-D will be the Optima TDC 125 from Optima Life Science, a machine for making all conventional transdermal patches and oral film strips on a laboratory or small production scale. Optima Pharma and Optima Life Science, www. booth #N-6121 and #W-731 Checkweigher The Mettler Toledo XS2 MV TE checkweigher performs four different brand protection and product safety functions. The system completes accurate checkweighing of packages weighing up to 300 g, then prints 2-D DataMatrix codes and verifies their presence and legitimacy, and prints unique item serial numbers for regula- tory compliance. It then applies tam- per-evident seals and visually inspects their presence and positioning with machine vision. Products not complete- ly complying with any of these pro- cesses are rejected into locked bins to ensure they do not proceed and poten- tially enter commerce. DataMatrix and serial number codes can be print- ed using ink-jet or laser printing and verified by machine vision inspection immediately after printing. The XS2 MV TE has been designed to function with a wide range of available marking and camera systems to give end-users the option to choose components from suppliers already approved as "trusted partners." The system also features very precise mechanical product handling units and extremely reliable marking, verification, and sorting devices that have been designed to process high pro- duction volumes with no negative efect on existing line operating equipment efectiveness and overall line efciency. In addition, all components, including checkweighing, ink jet printing or laser marking systems, high-resolution veri- fication cameras, mechanical transfer units and sorting devices, have been finely tuned to work in perfect unison to meet global serialization, E-Pedigree, and Track & Trace legal requirements and specifications. Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed, booth #s-1700 and #W-637 filling within an isolator NJM Packaging will be showing the new Dara Moduline Model NFL, a Nest Filling Line inside an isolator. The new system integrates Dara's aseptic fill-and-finish system with Get- inge La Calhene's isolator technology for a Class 100 cleanroom environ- ment when operating the system in a Class 100,000 cleanroom. By design- ing the top plate of the filler into the isolator and manufacturing them simultaneously rather than sequential- ly, Dara speeds delivery and reduc- es capital costs. According to NJM, Moduline is a family of compact and

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