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32 • Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News Fall 2016 Packaging Resource Center Pack ExPo IntErnatIonal and Pharma ExPo Show coverage Exhibitor Product Previews full-Color blister Printing system Hapa will premiere the BlisterJet CMYK (shown in the picture), the UV DOD piezo ink-jet printing system for full-color printing on blank blisters in a CMYK application process. According to the company, the new system drives opportunities in new blister design and product differentiation. In addition, alongside the BlisterJet CMYK, Hapa will exhibit a concept for printing foil in two colors, a modular, UV DOD system. Other Hapa printing systems will be displayed around the show: At Mediseal, an integrated, stand- mounted UV-DOD WebJet will be shown, and at Pharmaworks, a top- mounted 230 UV-flexo printing sys- tem will be shown. And a Gottscho GO-Flex is in action at ACGPamPac. Hapa, booth #s-2501 Cartoner MGS Machine will demonstrate a secondary packaging solution for odd- shaped bottles using the CT200 Car- toner. MGS recently worked with a personal care product company to pack- age its "S"-shaped bottles. Because of existing equipment and line configura- tion limitations, the bottles could not be tipped from the top in the timing screw module. Instead, the bottles were pushed from the bottom to keep the label in the proper orientation and to fit into the car- ton, without requiring 180 degree rota- tion by the upstream equipment. MGS's solution employing the CT200 Carton- er met the challenge. MGS Machine Corp., booth #W-738 ascending temperature excursion indicator label A patented low-cost label features a highly reliable and validated chemical reaction to clearly indicate a tempera- ture excursion beyond the designed threshold. The label indicates the tem- perature excursion by changing the indicator section from a white dot to a red dot or an appearing red human readable message such as "Do Not Use." The label can be bought as a stock secondary label or printed as part of a primary custom label. When printed as a primary label, a custom human readable message or image will appear through printed product text without hindering the performance of the indicator or the functionality of the products label. The company states that the price point is much lower than that of electronic competitors. CCL Healthcare, booth #W-445 filling equipment Cozzoli Machine Co. will be featur- ing the following filling equipment: the FSV50 Mini Monoblock, the Versa-Fil Rotary Time/Pressure Filler, and the RPF Rotary Piston Filler. Tabletop equipment designed for laboratories and smaller produc- tion facilities will also be shown. The FSV50 Mini Monoblock processes vials in laboratory, clinical production locations, or other areas with limited space. Designed for use in a clean- room with hood isolation and laminar flow in mind, the machine fills liquids or powders and then stoppers or caps the containers at speeds up to 50 vials per minute. It can suit a range of vial sizes from 1 to 100 ml. The Versa-Fil Time/Pressure Filler handles heavy viscosity food products as well as per- sonal care products. Developments in nozzle design technology enable ef- cient filling of lighter products such as saline solutions, cough medicines, and barbecue sauces. The RPF Rotary Piston Filler handles a wide range of containers and products of most vis- cosities at high production speeds of 600+ per minute. Cozzoli Machine Co., booth #s-2142 labeling and Cartoning Marchesini Group will exhibit two stand-alone machines for the Ameri- can market. The new BL A420 CW labeler for Track & Trace require- ments was developed by Neri, a division of Marchesini Group special- izing in carton labeling and tracking machinery. A completely integrated load cell in its stepper conveyance

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