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Page 29 of 35 • Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News Fall 2016 30 Printing and coding 4. Warped. Warped codes can sometimes seem as though they are missing part of the code. Look for sys- tems with algorithms that can read codes that do not have quiet zones or clocking or finder patterns. 5 . P o o r l y m a r k e d . P o o r l y marked codes could be due to a printer being low on ink and having poor con- trast for example. Powerful algorithms can read the most damaged codes. 6. Small modules. For very small codes, a variety of lensing options can compensate and read the code. 7. Scratched. Look for systems that only need a small portion of a 1-D code to read it, so if a code is marked with a marker or scratched it can still be read. 8. Extreme perspective. Part or code placement can be difcult, and the code can sometimes be present- ed to the reader at an extreme angle. Look for systems that can accommo- date such angles. Recent technology advancements are benefitting medical device manu- facturers and other supply chain con- tributors rushing to comply with UDI regulations. For example, in the vision- based ID reader space, software algo- rithms have been developed that are able to find and decode even dam- aged and poorly marked 1-D or 2-D codes through a wide range of illumi- nation, marking, and material varia- tions. Another advancement involves application-specific solutions for vision systems that eliminate the need for programming and pre-built documen- tation that substantially reduces the time required for FDA validation. TaKInG aCTIon While UDI ofers potential advan- tages in securing and improving the efciency of the medical device supply chain, medical device manufacturers are encountering serious challenges to compliance. FDA may fine-tune the regulations in the future. In the meantime, mile- stones are occurring on a regular basis. For instance, the number of products for which direct marking is required has increased. So it's incumbent upon device manufacturers to make plans and take action to ensure compliance. Kasey Tipping serves as Technical Marketing Specialist–ID Products for Cognex Corp. (Natick, MA). For more details, call 877-COGNEX1 or visit 0 Examples of 8 potential UDI code readability issues. The UDI consists of a device identifer and a production identifer. See us at Pack Expo Booth # N-6304

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