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23 Fall 2016 Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News • every product for filling is identical to the signature," Meister says. Should any noncompliant product make its way into a bottle, the "filled bottles are tracked and rejected." There's positive control of all bottles throughout handling, he adds. The Uniline features torque feedback in its capping system. "It's a really cool, quick changeover feature," Richardson says. "It's part of the system's electronic changeover, which is format recipe driv- en. You call up a recipe on the machine's HMI, and the machine changes over according to bottle size and height." Meister says the Uniline is designed to provide "user-friendly changeover procedures [for different bottle for- mats] that unskilled operators can walk through in about 30 minutes." IMA set up the bottle recipes for changeover with PCI prior to the factory acceptance test. "PCI can also add reci- pes as they add new products," Meister adds. IMA did the full line integration at its Leominster, MA full-service plant and then came to Philadelphia to install it. "Our approach was to have IMA deliv- er a full line," says Richardson. "Other equipment was drop shipped to IMA. That way you don't have anyone arguing about who was responsible—IMA was. IMA did two other lines like that for me— it's a successful business model." The line features two labelers from IMA and have print-and-apply capabil- ity for pressure-sensitive labels utilizing laser marking and ink-based printing. "They can code, inspect, and apply," he says. "Part of the requirement for IMA was to implement both types of printing with no mechanical changeover." Rich- ardson also runs the global serialization program for PCI and plans to eventu- ally add serialization to the new line in the coming months as PCI continues to invest considerably in serialization capacity across its network of sites, well in advance of the DSCSA implementa- tion in late 2017. 0 The Uniline flls bottles with tablets, desiccants, and cotton and then caps them.

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