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MD + DI MEDICAL DEVICE AND DIAGNOSTIC INDUSTRY JULY 2016 | 35 Linear-Motion Component Selector A specialist in linear- and rotary-motion technology, H2W Technologies Inc. has devised a linear-motion component selection calculator to help customers determine how much force and acceleration are necessary to achieve a desired motion profile. Available for application at the motor and motion control component supplier's website, the calculation program is in fact a group of calculators that enable the user to select from an assortment of components which would be best suited for a particular application. Calculators for basic triangular motion profiles, trapezoidal motion profiles, and sinusoidal motion profiles are available, as are other calculators for determining the amount of force required if the user's profile does not correspond to any of the single-motion profiles just itemized. Additionally, the component supplier provides calculators that help determine what an application's actual duty cycle would be as well as how much force its motors will generate at a given duty cycle. H2W Technologies Inc. Santa Clarita, CA Linear Actuator A miniature stepper-motor linear actuator in the 15000 series from Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions is the smallest linear actuator in the company's line of stepper motors. Suited for use in medical equipment and offered in standard and custom configurations, this actuator occupies a 0.6-in.-diameter space yet incorporates advanced motion control technology. Included in the small package are many patented innovations designed to provide high performance and durability. A proprietary manufacturing process, for example, that incorporates engineering thermoplastics in the drive nut and a rolled-stainless-steel leadscrew helps make the motor efficient and durable. Linear actuators in the series are available in captive and external linear designs and in a variety of resolutions ranging from 0.02 to 0.10 mm per step; models can be microstepped for even finer resolution. They deliver thrust up to 60 oz without compromising operating lifetime. Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Waterbury, CT Brushless Dc Motors Three ultrafast brushless dc micromotors from Maxon Precision Motors, offered through its ECX program, are configurable online. The smooth-running high-speed motors are quiet and feature high efficiency, making them a suitable choice for use in handheld surgical tools, respirators, and instrumentation. They come in diameters of 8, 16, and 19 mm and achieve speeds up to 120,000 rpm. The motors are available with a variety of power stages and in standard or in sterilizable versions tolerating as many as 2000 autoclaving cycles. Using the manufacturer's online configurator, customers can configure custom drives with a few mouse clicks, fitting them step by step with gearheads, encoders, and controllers that meet their specifications. In addition, users of the configurator can customize shaft lengths, windings, ball bearings, and other aspects of the drive. The subsequent manufactured custom drives are ready for shipment to the customer in a couple of weeks. Maxon Precision Motors Fall River, MA

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