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Products Services 34 | JULY 2016 The latest in components, equipment, materials, services, and supplies, with a focus on motors and motion control. Dc Brush Motor The Faulhaber 1024 SR is a metal-brush-commutated dc motor with a diameter of 10 mm. Used in combination with a gearhead, the device can achieve an output torque of 300 mN•m. Its flat-slope torque-to-speed ratio enables the small motor to handle varying loads at various reduced speeds, which promotes smooth control and operation with low noise and vibration levels. The high power and torque achievable through special design of many of the motor's elements makes the wide speed range under load possible; device capabilities include a continuous torque of 1.5 mN•m at 7500 rpm and output power above 3 W. Integrated spark- suppression circuitry minimizes degradation of the brushes and the collector, resulting in extended lifetime and a clean commutation signal that enhances motor control accuracy. A range of matching speed and motion controllers, encoders, and gearheads are available to help adapt the motor to the demands of such applications as portable devices and optical systems. MicroMo Clearwater, FL Direct-Drive Linear Motor The SDLM-025-070-01-01 direct-drive linear motor from Moticont, which is also characterized as an electric cylinder, offers an integrated encoder, zero backlash, and zero cogging and provides high acceleration, high speed, high resolution, and a long operating lifetime in such equipment applications as medical procedure tables. The noncommutated servomotor with quiet, long-life plain linear bearings offers resolution of 1.25 µm (0.000049 in.). It is 2.75 in. long and has a diameter of 1.00 in. The linear optical quadrature encoder is directly connected to the low-inertia nonrotating shaft to eliminate backlash and allow for high acceleration and deceleration rates, thus optimizing accuracy. Other motor features include a stroke length of 0.500 in., a continuous force rating of 22.2 oz., and peak force of 67.2 oz. This actuator can also be supplied as a complete plug-and-play linear motion system with a matching motion controller. Moticont Van Nuys, CA

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