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10 packaging concepts TRENDS // SPRING 2016 www.PackagingDigest.com Wish-Bone crafts double-designed debut Two premium lines of Wish-Bone dressings from Pinnacle Foods launched in tandem in February use distinctive packaging designs: Better-for-you Wish-Bone E.V.O.O. and flavorful Ristorante Italiano dressings are strongly positioned by design to address current market trends, as well as to elevate the brand through more premium offerings. E.V.O.O. is a new line of chef-inspired dressings formulated with extra virgin olive oil that provides proven health benefits as well as a fresh and robust flavor. In creating the line, Little Big Brands (www. littlebigbrands.com) focused on a less is more approach, including a smaller die-cut label to showcase the olive oil and ingredients. The white label suggests purity, while using custom typography to communicate the time and care that went into crafting the product. Ingredient illustrations add taste appeal while helping with "shopability." Ristorante Italiano dressings from Wish-Bone are formulated with indulgent Italian cheeses. The line's positioning is all about rich, creamy flavors and textures that are restaurant-inspired and feature artisan ingredients. The heavily leans design on cues that utilize typography, color and imagery that transport consumers to their favorite Italian restaurant. The rich palette complements the ingredients and product to help the consumer understand the flavor sensation they are about to experience. Nothing was left untouched versus previous Wish- Bone designs, according to John Nunziato, LBB's chief creative officer. "Really the only thing that remains is the logo and its placement top and center on the label," says "Everything else about E.V.O.O. and Ristorante Italiano are unique, developed specifically for each platform." "As we designed the packaging and labels, we adhered to the following principles: Shelf breakthrough, clarity of flavor and dressing type, and simple, straightforward communication of premium, chef-inspired dressings," explains Mark Schiller, EVP and president North American retail, Pinnacle Foods. "We have been pleased with the reaction of our retail partners and we are looking to appeal to a broad consumer base, including Millennials. " Goose Island stout raises the flag label For beer drinkers who like stout, Black Friday holds special meaning: It's the day when Goose Island Beer Co. releases its annual limited-edition Bourbon County Brand Stout. For the 2015 release, the brewery launched a new packaging design that features custom bottles and a unique, flag-like label at the neck of the bottle. The front of the new bottle is embossed with the Goose Island logo and the stout's brand name, making conventional labeling unnecessary. The embossed 16.9-oz brown glass bottle replaces 12- and 22-oz bottles previously used for Bourbon County Brand Stout. Owens-Illinois (O-I, www.o-i.com) supplies the new bottles. Legal disclaimers and other required information is printed on the flag label and on a die-cut back label that's tapered to match the shape of the new bottle. Goose Island worked with Constantia Flexibles to develop the flag and back labels for the redesigned package. Both are pressure-sensitive. The flag label, which wraps around the bottle's neck, features a 5/8-inch, pop-out tab printed with the brewery's logo. This label is made from a proprietary substrate that enables two-sided printing and ensures that the flag maintains its perpendicular orientation to the bottle. No special case-packing steps are required to protect the flags. A rotary labeler manufactured by Krones (www.krones.com) is used to apply the flag labels to the bottles. The labeler "was not necessarily a custom design, but Goose Island communicated the requirements at the front end of the project so that the labeler was built to accommodate this unique package," says Brian Fischer, vp-sales in Constantia Flexibles' Labels Div. (www.cflex.com). He adds that the flag label "processed seamlessly" on Goose Island's packaging line.

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