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8 SPRING 2016 www.PackagingDigest.com Reusable 'Dot' cushions give you positioning control for ultimate protection Te Dot cushioning technology can be reused more than 15 transit cycles—or 30 one-way shipments. Patented protective packaging from EPE USA can be shaped and sized to ft specifc product needs, and one design can be used for multiple products. As the company explains, "By using the bearing area and compression from each dot, multiple sized products will locate to their optimum position during the packaging process." Tis closed-loop cushioning system helps hold down costs by reducing waste and shipping inefciencies. pdlinks.com/EPEDot How to optimize variable speed air compressors Everything you need to know about air compressors for packaging machinery but were afraid to ask is contained in this 10-page white paper from Kaeser Compressors. It provides guidance on designing variable speed compressors and getting them to operate efciently with existing compressors. Examples show how systems have been optimized. pdlinks.com/KaeserCompressors Hi-res printer carefully codes on egg cartons Short video clip shows the AutoPilot hi-resolution inkjet system from Squid Ink printing a two-line, small-character code on polystyrene egg cartons with one printhead. Unlike some competitive systems, this setup can easily expand to accommodate production growth by adding a second printhead. Additionally, the AutoPilot has a touchscreen for easy programming. pdlinks.com/AutoPilotEgg Paper packaging creates booklets, instructions for use Traditional communication to consumers through booklets, instructions-for- use (IFUs) and other printed paper packaging gives them something tangible to refer to over and over, if needed. Among the various paper packaging products ofered by Robinson Printing, these printed pieces are customized to ft your fnal fnished size. You provide the text and the company helps layout the piece for optimal design. pdlinks.com/RobinsonPaper Unit-dose packs go green Using bioplastic material made from sugar cane, LF of America is now able to ofer an environmental alternative to the typical petroleum-based plastic for unit-dose packages. Tis sustainable version performs the same as standard polyethylene unit-dose packs, according to the company. pdlinks.com/LFgreen resources View these videos, white papers and products online

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