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promising patents 36 NEW TECHNOLOGY // SPRING 2016 www.PackagingDigest.com Rick Lingle, Technical Editor A patent from General Mills, Minneapolis, MN, describes a microwavable container for food products that is designed to regulate the microwave energy that enters the container. Te container is engineered in such a way that it is optimized for foods where it is desirable to keep one portion cooler than the other during microwave heating. It also outlines the conventional means that have been done to do that, including using shielding metals or foils. Another way this has been addressed is to apply an adhesive foil label to the container exterior. It proposes various ways to do this using several diferent options in combination. A key one centers on the use of composite materials in the sidewall, including a microwave regulating material to shield or modify the amount of penetrating energy. It may also absorb the energy to convert it to heat. Te cover or the closed end of the container can similarly use a microwave-regulating material. A lot of minutiae and options are detailed within the 19-page patent fling. At the end of the document the brand owner identifes the kinds of "foodstufs" appropriate for this invention: A frst foodstuf that can be ice cream, yogurt fruit frosting and others and a second foodstuf that can be a brownie, cookie, bread, pie or other. It also notes a possible third foodstuf such as a chocolate, caramel or other sauces, syrups or fruit. http://pdlinks.com/GMmwave Invention is for differential microwave heating. General Mills invents microwave-regulating container Coffee pod for cannabis beverage Tis invention overcomes the stigma and donwsides associated with smoking marijuana for medicinal purposes and transforms it into a convenient, drinkable form using a beverage capsule or pod. In one embodiment, the invention is a container constructed of three components. A permeable mesh flter prevents nonsolubles from passing through the body portion when the bottom is pierced for brewing. A cavity stores cannabis or an optional components such as one or more favoring agents. http://pdlinks.com/cannabispod Pod is optimized for brewing with cannabis.

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