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35 www.packagingdigest.com SPRING 2016 // NEW TECHNOLOGY new products EastPack Dual-chamber pharma IV bag The new dual-chamber ready-to-administer (RTA) powder- liquid intravenous bag contains powder on the top and solvent on the bottom. Breaking the seal between the chambers safely reconstitutes the drug in the exact infusion dose prior to patient administration. With this Dual Chamber Bag (DCB), there are no risks of mixing up different powder drugs with different diluents. It also saves time for nurses doing the reconstitution in hospitals compared to the previous manual method. Technoflex, EastPack 2016 Booth 2961 www.technoflex.net Recyclable paper-based laminated packaging New NoW (No Waste) technology makes paper-based packaging laminated with plastic able to be recycled with paper, according to the company. The materials are certified as recyclable with paper waste by SSCCP of Milan according to the standard ATICELCA 501-13 and by GreenChip Australia according to the Australian standard. These laminations can be produced using kraft papers (white or brown) or glossy papers with different grammage depending on the performance needed for the specific request: • Barrier laminations from 30 to 100 g/m 2 with metalized plastic films such as polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE) in thicknesses from 15 to 50 μm. • Window laminations from 40 to 100 g/m 2 with films such as biaxially oriented PP, cast PP, PE and others in thicknesses from 15 to 50 μm. • Aluminum laminations from 30 to 80 g/m 2 with aluminum foil in thicknesses from 7 to 14 μm. Additionally, the company says that paper packaging for sugar packets can be made with kraft papers (white or brown) or glossy papers from 30 to 50 g/m 2 without any plastic film lamination as a replacement for poly-coated paper packaging. U-Packaging/BelPak Paper, EastPack 2016 Booth 3050 www.upackaging.us Ultrasonic banding system The improved ATS US-2000 PIC-STA stacking and banding system now offers a glue-applicator option that maximizes efficiency by supporting the holding force between slippery products. The unit allows products to be banded together without heat buildup or odor emissions. The system processes up to 120 products per minute and builds stack of two to 12 products of varying shapes and sizes. Banding saves materials and energy (there's no heat tunnel required) yet still provides product branding. Wexler Packaging Products Inc., EastPack 2016 Booth 2707 www.wexlerpackaging.com www.kochpackaging.com Medical products, contact lenses, consumer goods: we design customized, modular line conf gurations for these f elds of application. Covering forming, f lling, and sealing; feeding, inspecting, and marking; as well as grouping, carton f lling, and end-of-line packaging. Ranging from an intelligent stand- alone solution to an end-to-end automated KOCH packagingLine. For a process that perfectly suits your needs. Your production environment, your budget, your product. For the ideal packaging solution. Examples will be showcased at EastPack 2016 in the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York. EastPack June 14–16, 2016 . Booth 3139

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