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34 NEW TECHNOLOGY // SPRING 2016 www.PackagingDigest.com new products EastPack This pre-show preview highlights some of the new products to be on display at EastPack 2016 (June 14-16; New York City). Energy-efficient thermoformer Expanded line of e-concept machines now includes thermoforming machines that save 20% on energy compared to previous machines. The energy savings come because the compact systems use a highly efficient electrical drive instead of pneumatically driven components so no compressed air lines or cooling water are needed. An added benefit is that these machines are also easy to install and set up because they just need to be plugged in to a power supply. Multivac Inc., EastPack 2016 Booth 3011 http://us.multivac.com Robotic case packer Case packer with Delta pick-and-place robotics uses new 3D camera technology to accurately detect the shape of products on a conveyor, allowing it to flexibly handle items previously hard-to-pick for 2D vision systems—such as shiny, unequally shaped flow packs. The company explains that the 3D camera detects everything protruding from the conveyor, from 4 to 44 millimeters. The camera then filters out the product shape for the pick-and-place robot, and detects the center of gravity and the main axis to properly pick and then pack the item in a carton or case. Users don't have to teach the camera what to focus on. The 4-axis Delta 3 robot gently groups and places cups, flow packs or blisters into cases or trays at speeds of 40 cases per minute (single lane) or 70 cases/min (double lane). A+F Automation + Foerdertechnik GmbH, EastPack 2016 Booth 2649 www.af-gmbh.de/en/ Bagger with vision counting system A new 3D vision counting system on the company's automatic bagger is fast and incredibly accurate for small parts such as small surgical screws and other medical devices. How does it work? The precision vision system relies on an advanced mathematical algorithm that can count bulk parts ranging in size from 0.25 inch to approximately 1 inch with counting accuracy better than 99%. According to the company, this vision counting system is more accurate and faster than conventional bulk counting systems that depend on weight, which creates a productive operation that could save labor by reassigning workers elsewhere. PAC Machinery, EastPack 2016 Booth 2921 www.pacmachinery.com Distinctive duo-material visual package Duofold packaging combines the best attributes of clear, box-grade plastic with paperboard to produce a distinctive visual package. Combining these two dissimilar substrates allows for unique structural designs—many not possible in paperboard or plastic alone—while providing two distinctive visual, textural and tactile impressions. For even greater shelf impact, any combination of offset, flexographic and/or silkscreen printing, plus foil stamping and other decorating special effects, can be applied to either the plastic or paperboard panels, or both. Plastic and paperboard components are printed and converted separately, and then assembled on efficient joining equipment to produce a one-piece carton with precise component alignment. Duofold uses the company's proprietary Soft Crease scoring technology, which produces uniform creases with less folding resistance, ensuring that plastic components fold precisely and have clean lines. Soft Crease scoring and precise component alignment combine to produce combination cartons that ensure efficient hand loading and/or filling on automated cartoning equipment. Duofold cartons can be designed with multiple plastic carton panels or with windows that wrap around multiple score lines, permitting far greater visibility than conventional windowed folding cartons. Additionally, rigid film adds integrity and strength, allowing for a much larger windowed area than is possible using lightweight window film. For applications requiring even greater strength (a promotional liquor carton, for example), high-quality litho-lam flute can replace traditional paperboard grades. HLP Klearfold, EastPack 2016 Booth 3003 www.hlpklearfold.com Reclosable carded blister DivvyPack carded blister recloses securely to keep product items not yet used/consumed together, which helps eliminate spills or lost or wasted product for high consumer satisfaction. The patent-pending package locks with a top lid that slides open and closed, so single products can be carefully removed. It can also be designed as a trapped blister for more security and billboard space. According to the company, DivvyPack allows products to be sold in higher volumes for higher price points. Also, because the package is used to store unused products instead of being thrown away, it helps maintain the product's branding for the life of the products inside. This package is suitable for many types of products, such as office supplies, laundry, craft, hardware, electronics, health and beauty aids, candy, batteries, automotive, pet and cleaning supply products. Sonoco Alloyd, EastPack 2016 Booth 2807 www.alloyd.com

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