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29 www.PackagingDigest.com SPRING 2016 // BEST PRACTICES Mettler-Toledo because they gave us everything we needed. Teir reputation for producing great inspection systems also factored into our decision," says Jason Edwards, Teligent's packaging manager. "To ft our line, they customized a high-speed, high-accuracy system with a small footprint." Mettler-Toledo modifed its XS1 checkweigher, turning the typical one-lane confguration into two lanes with a weigh cell under each lane. In addition to achieving the accuracy and throughput that is needed, this unique design mimics the output of Teligent's two-lane fller and enabled the two machines to be easily integrated. "Our sales rep, Joe Young at Reliant Packaging (www.reliantpackaging.com), helped us select the ideal checkweigher for our application. He took the time to ask us many questions and understand what we needed," says Al Wissler, maintenance and facilities manager at Teligent. Te XS1 is designed to handle small, lightweight packages of valuable products that weigh less than 200 g. Instead of using common strain gauge load cells, it features advanced electromagnetic force restoration (EMFR) weigh cells. Tis state- of-the-art technology enables the XS1 to achieve the extremely high accuracy of +/-0.20 g while maintaining a throughput of up to 400 packages per minute. Tis checkweigher was installed in June 2015 to inspect small tubes of topical ointments and gels, primarily regulated pharmaceuticals that go to market under a variety of private-label brand names. Te line currently flls 12 diferent products in metal, plastic, and laminate tubes from 3 to 30 g in size. "We have very high standards at Teligent, and the phenomenal accuracy of this checkweigher helps us meet those standards," says Ehor Andrasz, the company's packaging mechanic. "Because laminate tubes don't seal properly if they are overflled, we reject overflled as well as underflled packages. Te system has two reject devices, one for each lane. We segregate rejected packages, which helps ensure our fnal product quality." "Te checkweigher also improves our yields, because we are more proactive in monitoring the fll weight," adds Mike Bertonazzi, Teligent's packaging supervisor. "If there's a fuctuation outside the target weight zone, we're alerted in real time and can quickly make adjustments to the fller." In addition to monitoring real-time data, Teligent exports batch data from the checkweigher to track rejects. Te company reviews this data daily to verify that no problems have occurred. Furthermore, comparing batch data enables Teligent to easily analyze equipment performance and improve overall equipment efectiveness. Designed for ease of use, the XS1 features a 15-inch color touchscreen and an intuitive user interface with a "dashboard" layout for "at-a- glance" monitoring of the production process. "Te display is like an odometer that shows if tube weights are drifting," notes Bertonazzi. "Because product settings are saved to memory, the XS1 is simple to changeover. It's also password protected with three levels of access, which prevents any unintentional changes." "We measure the success of this equipment by its accuracy. We have specifc fll-weight requirements for each package that we absolutely must meet, and the XS1 is a very efcient tool to verify that each tube we produce is within our defned range. Unlike traditional sampling techniques, this inline solution achieves 100% inspection with a very high degree of accuracy to streamline our verifcation," concludes Edwards. "Tis checkweigher helps us reliably uphold our commitment to quality. It gives us confdence that every single product coming of the line meets our weight specifcations." Cat McBride is an associate of McBride Public Relations. Teligent's Jason Edwards, Mike Bertonazzi, Al Wissler, and Ehor Andrasz (left to right). Quick Change Sealing System Combines HP Series packaging tape with a patented PrimeLoc ™ tape applicator Off-line threading process eliminates errors and frustration Inserts are lighter in weight compared to traditional tape applicators Interchangeable inserts are universal to top and bottom unit Retrofi ts to all leading case erecting and sealing machines Downtime on the packaging line wastes both time and money. That's why Shurtape is tackling the downtime associated with slow tape roll changeovers with the Quick Change Sealing System, the newest innovation to The ShurSEAL ® Solution. When it's time for a change, simply remove the empty insert and replace it with a second, pre-threaded insert – in as little as 10 seconds. So you can keep your lines – and profi ts – running at peak production. ©2016 Shurtape Technologies, LLC. Shurtape ® is an authorized distributor of PrimeLoc ™ Packaging, Inc; PrimeLoc ™ is a trademark of PrimeLoc Packaging, Inc. *Visit ShurSE ALSecure.com for additional information. See it in action SHURSEALSECURE.COM 1.888.442.TAPE

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