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Cat McBride, Contributing Writer Teligent refers to quality as its "most important product." T e company produces a diverse range of specialty generic prescription topical and injectable pharmaceuticals, and its quality department sets the rules. And Teligent is investing in high-tech and high-speed equipment to strengthen its capabilities, it shares publicly on its website. To add a new layer of protection to its production, Teligent recently installed an XS1 checkweigher from Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed (www.mt.com/hi-speed). T e unusual two-lane checkweigher, located downstream of its two-lane f ller, detects and rejects under- and over-f lled tubes to ensure f nal product quality and provides data that helps maximize yields. "We did our due diligence and looked at several suppliers when we were researching checkweighers. We considered reliability, ease of use, the human machine interface, and service. We chose The XS1 checkweigher at Teligent handles small, lightweight packages of valuable products, achieving the extremely high accuracy of +/- 0.20 g while maintaining a throughput of up to 400 packages per minute. 28 BEST PRACTICES // SPRING 2016 www.PackagingDigest.com Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed customized its XS1 checkweigher for Teligent, turning the typical one-lane conf guration into two lanes with a weigh cell under each lane. A two-lane checkweigher helps a pharmaceutical manufacturer monitor FILL WEIGHTS and catch any f uctuations in real time. Teligent doubles down on quality

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